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Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling with Pets

More and more people take their pets on a trip. It can be a really enjoyable experience if you are ready. What have you already decided about your vacation? Of course, a good car is needed. Try 7 seat rental in Denver Airport so that you will never have problems with a comfortable car. Do you need tips about car rental, packing, and planning your trip with pets? Here are useful advices to take the most of your travel weekend and popular MISTAKES all travelers usually make.

Book a car and a hotel in advance

Traveling with pets, you should book a pet friendly hotel and a comfortable five or seven seater well in advance. So, booking in advance means you have an opportunity to pick the most comfortable hotel and a transport for your pets. Also, it helps to avoid last-minute stresses. Just be honest with the car rental manages and a hotel manager to tell the truth you are going to travel with pets. It helps to enjoy the ride to the full and avoid different mistakes. What are they?

BFF: Kentucky & Riley


Mistake 1

Forget about pet microchip

Traveling with pets can be dangerous for your four-legged friends. They are scared and can be easily lost in an unknown city. Don’t you know that all travel pets MUST BE guarded with microchips, so called pet ID. This microchip contains all the necessary information about your pet and his owner. There must be your pet’s name, color, special features, your address, and contact number. Don’t forget to update the chip before traveling.

Solution: Equip your pet’s carrier with your contact information. Your travel destination is also worth mentioning.

Mistake 2

Rent the cheapest small car

Of course, there is nothing bad in renting a car for your real budget. Also, there is nothing bad in renting a small size car if it is enough for you. Traveling with pets, you may need more space in the car. It would be very inconvenient to hold a wheel with your one hand and a pet’s carrier with your second hand to secure your four-legged passenger.

Talk to your rental manager to pick the best car that would be comfortable and safe for your pets and other passengers. Check if the seats are comfortable and you have enough space for luggage. Traveling with cats or small animals, hold them in a carrier. Having a big dog, you’d better to check if there is enough space at the back seat.

Solution: Never allows your pets sit in the front seat. It can be dangerous for animals and uncomfortable for you as for a driver. Make a rule never leave your pet in the car when you leave it. Even if you stop the car at the restaurant for a fast snack, take your pet with you.

Terrified Cats

Mistake 3

Forget about the Pet Health Certificate

If you don’t have the Pet Certificate yet, you should call for a vet. Remember that pets boarding airplanes, rental services, and even pet friendly hotels require a current health certificate. This is a document which includes information about all current vaccinations and routine inspection. Traveling by plane, you can’t go aboard the plane without a health certificate. What is more, you can’t even book a flight without all the proper documents.

Solution: It is better to contact to the airline service and find out what documents for your pet or pets you need.

Mistake 4

Book the last-minute flight

The last-minute flight can be extremely cheap for you but not convenient for your travel pets. Also, pay attention to travel time. Traveling by car you are able to start your trip from where you want at all hours. Traveling by plane, pay attention to direct flights. Also, try to pick the night or early morning flights to avoid temperature extremes. Hot and cold temperature is dangerous for pets traveling in a cargo bay.

Solution: Travel by car and give them enough space in the car.

tired Zuko, on the way to shibapalooza

Mistake 5

Forget to take down all emergency contacts

The trip is always full of emergencies. Even traveling by car you should be ready to meet all unexpected situations. It happens that pets get into accidents or have any other problems that need immediate veterinary care. Look at the map and check location of the veterinary hospitals you may need. Try to rent a car with GPS or upload it on your phone.

Solution: pets are usually very sensitive creatures. The need help. Also, you pets may have specific health condition to avoid flights. Therefore, it is better to rent a comfortable car.

Whenever you go, you can take your pets with you. Of course, spending time together can be funny. Before, try to weight all pros and cons to decide if your pets are really able to take a trip with you.

Top DREAM CARS for Young Entrepreneurs


There are many types of cars in the world and not all of them are good for your particular business needs. To pick the right vehicle is not an easy thing to do to as every new car you meet seems to be the right thing. There are many facts to consider. First of all, pay attention to your professional needs. What does your business consist of? Are you going to drive alone or with a chauffeur? Do you need a car for goods delivery or for representative drive? What do you value the most? Isn’t a modern sport car the best decision for your business needs? Will it be a powerful off roader or an excursion minivan? It’s up to you. Don’t forget that your location also means much.

Looking for a temporary car for commercial purposes or for a business trip, you can find one near you. EZ car rental East Providence RI will help to find the best rental vehicle in Rhode Island. Renting car in big cities is even easier. You can find car rental spots all over the city and in the airport. Just try to find your perfect match.

Dodge Challenger R/T Classic: Let's Hope It's Not The End Of An Era.



  • Who’s driving?

It’s a usual thing when the most reputable entrepreneurs rent a car with a personal driver. That’s why it is important to realize who will drive your car, you or your chauffeur. Not all cars are easy to drive, especially if you are not an experienced driver, as well.

  • Is your car comfortable for business trips?

First of all, you need a car for business purposes. Never forget this and always think of what your car will tell about you. Also, you should decide if you need a car to take you from home to office or for a business trip to another city or state. How comfortable is your car?

  • How modern your car is?

There are people who prefer driving a vintage or luxury car to modern sport cars. Nevertheless, everyone wants to drive in comfort, use Wi-Fi, and watch favorite movies when feels bored. Thanks to technologies you have a chance to get a well-equipped car for the best driving experience. What is more, modern cars are equipped with smart systems, sensors, controllers to make your trip safe.

  • What is your budget?

There is one more thing you consider when rent or buy a business car. It’s all about money. Sometimes, as an entrepreneur, you have to choose between status and price. Nevertheless, using special rental apps you can take the best car variant for your price and business status.




  1. Electric cars

Jaguar I-Pace

Why not? This is a green car with the latest tech and luxury elements. It is a great transport for entrepreneurs. The car has special features you will surely like. Of course, everyone will like all-wheel drive performance and a modern car-control system, called SOTA. It allows you to control each and every systems of your vehicle and make your business trip or everyday ride comfortable.

  1. Luxury cars

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Not everyone picks SUVs for business. If you need a multifunctional luxury car pay attention to Mercedes. Mercedes cars have the best reputation. Modern cars are equipped with MBUX, a special system for car control. It includes new and modern interface, speech recognition, touchscreen, and many more bonuses. The car looks great and drives fast. It is one of the best superior luxury sedans. Check the rental price on the website. It’s as easy as booking a dinner in the restaurant!

Mercedes Benz A 250 AMG Line Sport 2017


  1. Off-roaders

Jeep Gladiator

Off-roader makes you look cool! Why do you need it? If you are always busy with your business, you probably spend much time in your car. There are many things you may need to take with you, a laptop, technics, some goods and materials. Jeeps are the best reputable cars for years. They are good for intercity and country-to-country traveling. In short, your Jeep is able to solve all the road problems and take any distances.

Toyota Supra


  1. Cars for pleasure

Toyota Supra

If you need a car for pleasure, Toyota can be the best decision. Its special features are good performance, turbo engine, relaxed interior. Your business trip can be often stressful. You need some time to relax but you can’t find a good place for it because of your business. You can run something like Toyota and enjoy your trip to the full.

There are many car brands in the world. There are many businesses and entrepreneurs. It is not a problem to find a car for business, but it can be really challenging to find the car that suits your business the most. Actually, it doesn’t take much time if you can answer 4 questions listed before.

5 Recommended Tips of Road Trip Preparation for Young Drivers


Hello there guys! I hope you are feeling well today because today we will be discussing some of the recommended tips for road trip preparation for young drivers. Firstly, there is a lot of things that you may want to take into consideration when you are planning your road trip such as how far is your desired destination will be, will you be driving alone on that journey as well as do you have enough rest the night before? Apart from that, if you’re under 21 years old then you should have someone to drive for you and if you don’t have anyone then don’t worry as there will be a car rental service in Miami Airport and you can just search for car rental for under 21 Miami Airport in Google to find it. Without any further ado, let’s begin!

Tip 1: The more detailed the plan is, the better it is for you

To ensure that you have a safe and nice time, it’s highly recommended for you to plan your trip well by covering as many details as you possibly could so that you would not have any unexpected problems during your journey. While having a short journey that is unexpected and full of endless possibilities sounds a lot more fun and exciting, you might want to put the safety and wellbeing of yourself and your family members first before anything else.

Tip 2: Pay a Visit to Your Trusted Mechanics

Even if you just change your oil or spent some of your money on some new tires for your journey, you still need to call your most trusted mechanics to decide whether your car can run for the trip or not. Apart from that, it’s also important to have your mechanic check your car for any problems so that you will be able to drive safely without having to worry about the conditions of your car.

Tip 3: Factors to Consider for Your Roadtrip

Some of the things that you need to include in your road trip plan are the distance of your destination, the driving duration that you can handle as well as the way to get to your desired destination. You should always have a GPS installed so that you will be able to at least find your way to your destination whenever you get lost.

Tip 4: Know the People that You Bring Along with You

This is one of the most important tips that you may want to consider. You need to know who are the people that you bring along with you because you most likely don’t want to end up in a situation where you get pulled over by a cop for a traffic stop and you discover that one of your friends decided to bring along some illegal substances on that day. Hence, please ensure that no one is bringing anything illegal with them so that you will be able to avoid this kind of problem.

Tip 5: Always Bring an Emergency Kit in Your Car

This tip is also one of the most important tips that you will need to consider. This is because you never know what is going to happen in the future and having an emergency kit in your car can be handy. A recommended set of emergency kit that you may want to have includes a first-aid kit, a tire gauge, one can of fix-a-flat as well as jumper cables. These things will be extremely important for your journey later on just in case anything bad happens.

Essential Things to Bring Along with You

  • First-Aid Kit
  • Air Compressor
  • Cordless Impact Wrench
  • A Compact Jump Pack
  • GPS and maps

In a nutshell, it’s highly recommended for you to put safety as your priority above all else because there is nothing fun about a journey that ended up with a tragedy. Again, if you’re under 21 consider searching for car rental for under 21 Miami Airport in Google to get a car rental service for yourself so that you will be guaranteed a safe journey to your desired destination. Thank you for reading and I hope that you get a lot of beneficial information that you can use later on your journey.

Special for Crazy Tourists: Places to Visit by SUV in Phuket

Have you ever been to Thailand? Phuket is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of rather cheap but really adventurous weekend. Also, you can hardly find a better variant to spend funny time with friends this winter. So, why Phuket? The country has a beautiful historical center, great viewpoints, and smooth beaches. Jeep rental in Phuket will add even more extreme to your vacation and help to explore the nearby islands and other out-of-city attractions.


Have you ever tried to travel on foot through the tropical heat and high humidity? Don’t ever try to! Of course, Jeep is not what you must have in Thailand, but it will be more comfortable to travel by car. Jeep is the most reliable car for traveling from island to island, for off road trips, and beach getaways. The choice of cars is always big and you can pick what you like the most, from Suzuki Jimny to Jeep Grand Cherokee. How do you know the car characteristics? You may use one of many car rental apps to check the rates, compare the cars, and decide. Read about extra fees and additional options you can order for your ride. It can be a baby seat, GPS navigation, air conditioner, anything.

Hong island at Phang Nga bay, Thailand



  1. Go to Bay Phang Nga

Welcome to a unique place you can find in Thailand. The water is calm and clear, circled by vertical cliffs and mysterious caves. You can see many smaller islands, dotted all around the coast. You can take a tour and visit all these islands to see how various local fauna is. There are many exotic birds, sheltered and protected. Remember, Island of James Bond Island is probably the best visited place for tourists.

  1. Give credit to Phi Phi

Look around! What do you think of that? The island landscapes are met in many films. This is the best location for adventurous and action-gangster movie. Tourists often come here to connect with nature and see popular movie places. Don’t worry, this place will never disappoint you. The local nature is impressive! Leave your car at the beach parking and ride a boat to get to the island. You feel like you are amidst the jungle. Don’t forget to take selfies.

  1. Go to Similan Islands

Jump into your Jeep and go to see Similan Islands, circled by the wild sandy beaches and friendly blue seas. This is a place where you can not only admire the views around but go diving. About 9 charming islands along the coast of Khaolak were always attractive for scuba divers. You can find more information about this place on the popular dive sites. Why do people come here? Of course, they want to see lively and colorful coral reefs! The visibility is perfect here! If you are not good at diving, you can sail a boat.



  1. Go to the West Coast beaches

Jeeps are good at sand riding. There is no need to mention which beaches are worth visiting. Just drive your car to the West Coast of Phuket. All the best and the most beautiful beaches are gathered here. There are more than 20 beaches to choose from! You’ll be impressed! Some of them are wilds and pristine, others are well organized special for tourists. Let you relax on the white velvet sand and enjoy the clean blue seas.

  1. Try island-hopping

Do you like tropical adventures? Phuket is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. You can see many beautiful islands along the coast. Some of them are way ahead from the coast. Others are easy to reach by car or boat. These small pieces of land are good for romantic adventures when you want to stay along with your beloved one. There are islands where you can practice snorkeling and enjoy the island treasures.

Traveling on a yacht in Thailand. Surin and Similan Islands


  1. Visit one-two viewpoints

The nature of Phuket is worth admiring it. If you want to see the most spectacular nature views of Thailand as its best, you can drive your car to the West or East coast. If you are lucky, you can catch the sunrise or sunset. Most of tourists go to Promthep Cape. Also, you can check the other viewpoints near you.

Beautiful Sunset on Promthep Cape, Phuket island, Thailand


Phuket is a country of beaches. Where there are beaches, there are beach clubs. Some of local beach clubs are well-known in the world. They offer all possible beach attractions: modern music, alcohol and non-alcohol cocktails, fresh snacks, beach pools. Take everything that you need into your large car and stop worry about your vacation. Bright parties and special events are regular here. Thailand is a land of joy and natural beauties. Every city you come to and every island you visit welcomes you!

Six reasons to visit Mexico

The fashion for exotic holidays do not decrease from year to year. Thailand, Goa, Bali – in a short time these places have become the most popular destinations among tourists. Recently, Mexico has become very popular as well. A country, which is familiar to us from films and books, seems mysterious and inaccessible. People are wondering about the Mexican way of life and about the most interesting activities, which you can take part in during the holiday. Therefore, here are six reasons why you should definitely go to Mexico!

  • Watch the Mexican Carnival

Calling the carnival week in Mexico ‘amazing’ means not to say anything. Starting about a week before the Catholic Lent (which was in February in this year), carnival days take place in an atmosphere of colorful and noisy street parades, incessant music, dances and fireworks.

During carnival days, many appear on the streets exclusively in masks, which, according to popular belief, are made for driving evil spirits away. Immediately after the end of the carnival, begins the Great Lent, and the carnival, thus, represents the “last chance” to plunge into the pleasures of worldly life.

To see this amazing carnival, you should go to one of the port cities. Best of all is to come to Mazatlan. You are able to reach this city on a rented car, which could be taken at the Enterprise car rental Guadalajara airport. More than 300 thousand people come to the carnival annually. This way it puts the Mexican carnival on a par with the largest carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.

  • Try local cuisine

The cuisine is rich in hot chili and tomato-based salsa sauces, which are served with meat, fish, and beans. National dishes cannot do without at least one of the three typical ingredients: corn tortillas, beans and hot chili peppers. Hot dishes are prepared from several varieties of meat.

  • Watch the most beautiful temples of ancient Maya

Mayan civilization, located mainly in the northern region of Central America, is one of the greatest pre-Columbian civilizations. By 250-900 BC, most Mayan city-states had reached their peak of development. An important evidence of this is the ancient Mayan temples, which were built in almost all Mayan cities. For reasons that are still not known, most Maya centers fell into decay over the following centuries and turned into ruins. However, some places are still very picturesque and you can visit them in Mexico.

  • Relax in top-notch Mexican resorts

Resorts in Mexico are the places, where you will definitely have a comfortable stay. Cancun, Mazatlan, Huatulco, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Playa de Carmen, Cozumel resorts are among the best not only in America but also throughout the world. Cancun is one of the famous resorts located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is known for its endless beaches, clear water and fairly close proximity to the monuments of Mayan civilization. Riviera Maya is a young resort located 50 kilometers from Cancun. It is a great place for family vacations. Most hotels offer an all-inclusive meal plan. The beach is famous for its white sand. Acapulco is a kind of “night capital” of the country, a city of entertainment with a great variety of shows, restaurants and casinos. This is the beachfront entertainment center of Mexico.

  • Taste real tequila

Of course, once in Mexico, you just need to taste the tequila! In Mexico, dozens of types of this blue agave drink are sold. The popular colorless tequila Blanco is intended exclusively for cocktails; yellowish, with the ‘Reposado’ inscription – more seasoned, which is drunk pure with salt and lime, and the most expensive – Anejo (its age is from 6 years), is a brown drink with a cognac hue in taste. By the way, during the initial processing of blue agave, a light alcoholic drink, pulque, is obtained. Another tequila-related drink is mezcal, which is also obtained by agave fermentation, but without added sugar. In bottles with mezcal often put the carcasses of caterpillars. It is believed that the one who got the caterpillar during bottling will be lucky for a whole year.

  • Take a train ride along the edge of the canyon

The Chihuahuaal Pacific railway is considered one of the most extreme in the world. Just imagine: the train rises to a height of 2400 m above sea level, passes through 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. A 13-hour journey can begin on the coast and then the train goes through waterfalls, deserts and mountains, plateaus and canyons. The steam engine passes through six Copper Canyons, which, if combined together, will be four times larger than the famous Grand Canyon. Tickets for the trip must be booked in advance, as the route is very popular.

Mexico is not only beaches and the sea for tourists. This is also a rich story. Acquaintance with the country, as a rule, begins with its capital. Mexico City is one of the most densely populated megacities. However, in the midst of modern noise, if you listen carefully, you will hear the quiet rustle of distant eras. This can be told about the majority of Mexican cities. Build your route down the Mexico so that not to miss the most beautiful places and you will always remember this trip!


Why BIG Cars Are Good For Traveling

If you like adventures, you can go traveling whenever you have free time. Traveling by car is the best option for American students, families, and all adventure lovers. It doesn’t matter how long the trip will be. It rather matters which car you pick for a trip. Range Rover rental in Cleveland Ohio offers the best off-roaders that make any road trip successful. How about your favorite Honda Civic? Yu can take about 5-6 passengers and still have enough space for luggage. Sure enough, a big car is very comfortable for family travelers or friends hangouts. Traveling big, you shouldn’t worry about the road condition, weather, mess of luggage. But would it be cost effective? So, how to choose the right car?

2011 VW Amarok - SUV




All people want to rent a car with a good MPG. It is extremely important for a road trip vehicle. Car fuel is not cheap so you can save much money when your car takes minimum gasoline per mile. Also, fuel efficiency plays important role for a long distance trip.

Cargo Space

Traveling with your family or just driving long distances usually needs many useful things to take with you. It can be clothes, food and drinks, entertainments, furniture. Traveling with kids requires even more special gear like a baby seat, highchair, baby carriage, toys. Do you have enough space for all these things in your car? Don’t forget about the comfort of your passengers. Is there any space for them?


What does it mean? Specialty of each car depends on where you go. Sometimes, you prefer value enjoyability to hauling cargo. There can be many criteria for defining what specialties you want to see in your car. List them all and call to the rental agency. They always have something to offer.

Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture - Japan



What do you think about the right car for your trip? Do you want to pick SUV car or truck? SUVs and other big cars can boast their off-road capabilities and much space for all passengers and their luggage. Is that enough to pick a big car for a trip?

  1. Off-road driving

Obviously, big cars are good for different types of roads. They are good for work and for traveling. For example, if you are a farmer and have to travel on fields and gravy roads, you badly need a big off-roader. Traveling to the mountains, to the beach or on a bad dirt trail, a model like Ranger or any other large car will be the best for you.

  1. Space

It is not a secret that large cars have much space inside. People often pick them for traveling because they are good for comfortable trip with enough room for luggage and passengers. Of course, small cars are also good enough for solo travelers. You don’t need so much free space traveling solo. But family travelers prefer large cars to small ones. But size means much, especially when you are not an experienced driver. It takes some time to get use to a new car of bigger size. It is longer, larger, and heavier. The back seats are also more comfortable in a bigger car.

2011 VW Amarok - SUV


  1. Safety

It is believed that big cars are safe. In case of an accident your changes to escape death are bigger when you are in a large car. It makes your traveling safer for a driver and passengers. Besides, if you are in crash with a car of smaller size, you have big chances to survive and have your car undamaged after all.

  1. Style

Is it important for you to drive a stylish car? How do you think? Is the large car stylish enough for you? Sure enough, big cars give you more opportunities for styling. They have more metal surface to be styles and shaped in different way. Also, you will have much room inside the car. That means that the car interior can be more extravagant, changeable. What about the small cars? Their small size often makes them boring and impossible to change over the years.


The size of a car you are going to take for rent has a big effect on the rental price. Sure enough, small cars are cheaper in price and easier in driving. A big car is good-styles and more expensive. You will never have problems to park a small car or leave it somewhere at the entrance of the restaurant. But bigger cars are always comfortable and suit your trip the most, especially if you are traveling in a group. Think about the road you are going to travel to and minimum space you need to feel comfortable during the trip. It will help you to decide and make the right choice! So, do you need a big or a small car?

Fauna of Florida. Facts and Tips for Tourists’ safety

First of all, the state of Florida is popular as a resort region, because of mild climate, the proximity of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Miami has several of the largest beaches: Miami Beach, South Beach, etc. Florida is a paradise for divers. In Biscayne, you can get acquainted with the beauties of the underwater world.

The state’s nature also deserves great attention: here you can admire the sunsets on the coast, watch orange trees, take a walk in the many national parks, inhabited by wild animals. Warm weather, nice water, and rich underwater world are pleasing. However, you can meet predators. There are four species of sharks on these coasts: big white shark, blue shark, tiger shark and bull shark. However, that is not all!


Fauna of Florida, which is better to avoid:

  1. Cyanea jellyfish

Jellyfish seem harmless until direct contact. The tentacles are dangerous. They leave a large burn on the body. There are several dangerous jellyfish on the coasts of Florida.

One of them is the Cyanea jellyfish (Lion’s mane). Poisonous tentacles, collected in eight bundles up to 30 meters long, complete the body, with a diameter of 2.5 meters. This jellyfish looks beautiful with its tentacles, resembling strands of matted hair or a lion’s mane, but its touch is painful.

  1. Portuguese man o’ war

They differ from jellyfish in the fact that they live in colonies, where each individual performs a specific role. Some are waiting for food, the second digest it, the third are responsible for the defense of the colony, and the fourth are responsible for reproduction. The swimming bubble of this creature looks like a sail of a medieval ship. It is bright red on top, blue from below and it shimmers from blue to purple. In contrast to common jellyfish, it is able to move against the wind. They are most similar to giant jellyfish with a fringe of long (up to 10 m) tentacles, which can cause very painful and often dangerous burns to health. This creature is considered one of the most dangerous on the Florida beaches. Its poison causes inflammation and swelling of the wound.

  1. Manatee

These are sea cows, which sometimes come to disport to the coast. In spite of the fact that manatees are peaceful animals, it is recommended for the swimmers to get out of the water, when you see them. Manatees are more likely to frighten by their size, as the length of adult animal could reach 3 meters. Sometimes, when you are driving along the coast, you can even see how people are helping the manatee to return to the water. It is possible that you will see it as well after ordering Jeep rental Ft Lauderdale, as these cars are making it possible to drive closer to the beach.

  1. Great white shark

People call Florida’s New Smyrna Beach the “world capital” of sharks. Great white sharks are commonly found at the coast of Florida and California, as well as in the northeast of the country, on the Atlantic coast. This shark is the most dangerous among all of the oceanic sharks. This predator grows up to 6 meter in length. For this shark, man is the same prey as any other mammal. Unfortunately, just one bite can be lethal.

  1. Brown hermit spider

This poisonous spider loves to relax in cool dark places, such as cardboard boxes, shoes and even in drawers, where you store clothes. You will not notice its bite at once, but after about 5 hours, everything significantly changes. Most deaths occur in people with a weak immune system.

Do not forget about rip current, when you are attending beach

Numerous placards, installed without exception on all the beaches of Florida, warn about the backflows. The most dangerous for people are undertows in shallow waters with many islands, sand spits and shallows. During low tide, water does not return to the sea immediately. It is like a river inside the sea. The speed of the river depends on the width of the spit. There is a channel of bubbling water, which is perpendicularly to the shore, or among the stormy waves, a strip of calm water. Usually the width of such a “river” is not more than 2-4 meters. Much less often, a flow up to 50 meters wide is formed.

Not only the beginners, but also even the experienced swimmers know that it is difficult to cope with the rapid sea current. The insidiousness of the breakdown currents is that they arise near the coast and catch those who simply stand or splash in the water and carry to the depths. It is recommended to choose only crowded beaches, as the lifeguards would definitely be there in case of danger.



What to do if you are in rip zone?

Do not resist the undertow, save strength. Until the flow weakens, hold on the surface of the water. Only the top layer of water moves quickly, it does not cover, but simply carries you.

Then try to swim out of the harbor seiche, swim in parallel to the shore. After getting out of the tide, come back to the coast at a slight angle. If you immediately go to the shore, there is a risk of getting into rip again. Rescuers know about rip current and set red flags in places of formation. This is an additional identification mark: you should not enter the water and swim near the flags. Focus on waves with white lamb. They will direct you to the shore.


Florida’s nature is very rich and beautiful. However, do not forget about the dangers that may conceal new beaches and thickets. Carefully choose the places for swimming in Florida, since in some areas cold ocean currents often approach the shore, and the rocky shores are quite inconvenient for moving. Do not forget about our tips and let your stay be informative and relaxing.


Want to Make Friends in New City? Read HOW!

Is it difficult for you to make new friends? It is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are 20 or 30. Does it feel like a kid on the playground? Add some stress and fear to feel how it is. By the way, being nervous is fine. Look around! Everyone is ready to help you to find a way or catch a bus. Whenever you go, to climb up the mountain in Colorado or learn surfing at Caribbean, Avis car rental in Denver, Barbados, or in any other part of the world will help you to feel more comfortable in the unknown place. One way or another, you can’t live without a friendly advice. Your GPS is nothing to what the real friend means. Are you ready to spend efforts and make friends?




Stop nervous! The basic places for making friends are your work, internet, bars and cafes. Also, there can be some unexpected ways to make friends in a new place.

  1. Go to the shop

Of course, it is more comfortable to shop from your smartphone. Try to come out of your comfort zone and go shopping, especially if you are traveling through the new city. You can find some new stuff for your comfortable living and talk to people. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need a friendly advice about one or another thing you are going to buy. Feel free to ask about what is what in the shop and right direction. Ask about local food and popular ingredients, recipes.

Of course, a food shop is a unique place that is always full of people, but you can pick the shop according to your interests. Do you like reading? Welcome to the book store! Do you like sports? You can try to find friends in the sport shop.

  1. Take a break in the local cafe

Coffee shop or cafe can be a nice opportunity to make friends. If you are shy and don’t want to talk to people without any reason, try to read all those flyers and cards on the table. Nobody knows what will attract your attention. Coffee shop is a unique place and a source of information about local groups, popular events, clubs and meeting. Just read the flyers and try to join the city gardening club if you like gardening the most.

  1. Walk your dog

Do you know that walking your dog you can make new friends? Just take your dog, or your friend’s dog if you don’t have any, and go to the park. Dogs are always a good occasion to start conversation with the dog lovers. Definitely, you can always find a topic to discuss and put as many questions as you can.

Man's best friend

  1. Be active online

Why don’t you join the group in the internet? Everyone likes spending time there. You can find a lot of groups on different interests. You can join any of them and meet new friends. Also, you can use many different apps that facilitate new friendships. Try EatWith or OneTable! They help to find a friend for dinner and explore your new city’s cuisine altogether. What is more, most of the apps welcome locals to participate. It would be great to meet locals, ask about interesting places, city rules, and the way of life you should follow.

  1. Join faith group

This variant is good for religious people. Connecting with a faith group can be really helpful if you are going to stay in a new place for long. Often, religious organizations promote finding friends in a new city. You feel really comfortable and never afraid to ask your new friends about all trouble questions. As a rule, faith group helps people for free.


  1. Visit social events

You can learn about all interesting events in the city from the touristic agency or locals. Don’t be afraid to go to the park to find a sport group or workout class. You can go to the beach to practice yoga outdoors. Even if you are not good at cooking, try to attend cooking classes or reading clubs. That’s really good idea to join people around the general idea. Shared problems, issues make communication easier. Don’t worry if you have no special gear to practice in the group. You should try first and then decide.

Making friends is not an easy thing to do. No doubts about it! Whenever you go, there is always a way to make new friends. Try to find it! Of course, everything depends on what country you have picked for traveling or living. If it is a southern state, you should try luck in sport, surfing, beach clubs. European countries can boast shopping, museums, social events where you can always try to meet new people. It would be great to make friendship with locals. They can tell you a lot about their city over a cup

Airbag: Automorive Safety Innovations

According to statistics, about half of all accidents occur in frontal collisions of cars. In a collision at high speed, drivers of vehicles, without special protective systems, have a low probability of staying alive, no matter how regrettable it may sound. One of the components of such systems is the airbag – a device that is designed to soften the hits taken by the driver and passengers in the event of a car colliding with other vehicles, fences, building walls, trees, etc. At the same time, for the entire existence of airbags, many types of them have been created. We will tell you about the classification of airbags and their modern variations. As a responsible motorist, you should choose the best options, when travelling by car. For example, in the USA, you can rent a manual car NYC.

Types of airbags

In modern cars, there are several airbags, and they are located in different parts of the cabin. Based on this, they are divided into the following:

  1. Frontal airbags

They ate used since 1981 in the Mercedes-Benz car brand. At the same time, there are two subtypes of frontal airbags: for the driver and for the passenger in the front.

As a rule, the second subtype airbag can be turned off. Frontal airbags can be called the most technologically advanced. They were first used as a two-stage and multi-stage operation. Structurally, part of the mechanism is located right in the steering wheel, and the second part is closer to the right edge of the front panel.

  1. Head airbags

Drivers often call them simply “curtains”. Designed to protect the heads of passengers who are both in the front and rear row of seats. The mechanism is usually installed in the rear and front parts of the roof and between the pillars.

  1. Side airbags

They provide additional protection in side collisions. They were first installed in 1994 in Volvo cars, but today they are found not only in vehicles of this brand. In the best airbags of this type, there are two cameras: one soft on top and one hard on the bottom. In some models, they are located on the back of the back seat, most of them in the back of the front seat.

  1. Knee airbags

In the overwhelming majority of cases, they are only in front of the driver, less often – under the glove compartment of the front passenger in the cabin.

  1. Central airbag

It provides even higher protection in side collisions. Thanks to this airbag, in a collision the passengers will not press each other down. The mechanism is located in the center of the back of the back row of seats and in the armrest between the passenger and the driver.

There are some very interesting solutions. Volvo is today a pioneer in external passive protection. Namely, it has created airbag specifically for pedestrians. In 2012, the Pedestrian Airbag System appeared, working in tandem with a video camera, a radar and seven collision sensors. The airbag itself is located under the hood.

Unusual airbag, patented by Porsche

A new type of protective device is able to compensate for the absence of upper curtains or to supplement them. This is an airbag in the front pillar of a convertible.

In the current cabriolets of this brand, head protection with a side impact is still there. This is part of the ‘Porsche Side Impact Protection System’ complex, consisting of bars in the doors, side airbags in the backs of the seats and head airbags, appearing from the top of the door upholstery.

In addition to the airbag, Porsche has patented an active diffuser with moving parts. Moreover, two (or more) of its parts can be adjusted separately, creating a different clamp on the right and left, for example, in turnings.


ZF external airbags

The security concept of the next generation is automotive side external airbags.

Engineers do not stop working on the invention of new safety technologies. The result of it was the creation of external side airbags by the specialists of the German ZF company. The company demonstrated the first prototype of this system at the Airbag 2018 symposium in Mannheim (Germany). The external airbags are placed in the vehicle’s steps. When deployed, one pillow in about 100 milliseconds is pumped up almost the size of the back of a sofa – 2 meters in length and 50 cm in height. Thanks to such dimensions, it closes almost the entire side of the car, creating reliable protection against impact.

Tests have demonstrated that external airbags, designed to be deployed at the last moment before the collision, reduce the severity of the accident and passenger injuries by at least 30%.

According to the developer, external airbags will be the first intellectual system of active security of the next generation. It is likely that they can be useful for unmanned vehicles.


After the traditional frontal airbags, appeared the side and curtain airbags, knee airbags and even the central airbags, between the driver and the front passenger. Designers have come up with traditional airbags, belts and airbags for pedestrians, airbags with a relief valve and internal flexible connections. The evolution of this system never stops and this is a reassuring fact.

Unique Experience: 7 Less-Known Sights in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that has become the epicenter of fun. Everyone thinks that there are only casinos, slot machines and other entertainment, forcing wealthy tourists to spend their millions.

However, don’t forget that this city was previously one of the most important strategic sites in the middle of the desert, and the sights of which it can boast are not only casinos and expensive penthouses. Las Vegas itself and its surroundings keep many unique places for travelers. After arriving in the city, pick up airport van rental in Las Vegas and start your adventure immediately by visiting the following amazing places…

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam and Power House

One of the most beautiful dams in the world is located in the heart of the arid valleys of Nevada near Las Vegas. Its construction was completed in 1935 and since then it has become not only an important object for the state, but also a tourist attraction.

Firstly, Lake Mead was formed thanks to this dam – this is a favorite vacation spot of many travelers and locals. Secondly, the dam is surrounded by bridges and roads, thus everyone can enjoy mind-blowing landscapes while driving a car, or strolling along the bridge. This is exactly what many people who got to this wonderful place do.


Discovery Children’s Museum

DISCOVERY Children's Museum, Las Vegas, NV

Discovery Channel is known to everyone since long time ago, but sometimes everything that is told on it – is not entirely clear even to an adult.

Not far from Las Vegas, the local authorities created a children’s museum, which presents all things and phenomena in nature and science in the most simple and understandable way. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting place, since the kids simply don’t want to leave it. The museum’s exhibits can be touched, moved, and explored.


TopGolf Las Vegas

Top Golf

(photo by Brandon Johnson)

Golf is a game that for many decades has been the most favorite activity of many people. But, alas, not everyone could afford to play it, and feel comfortable at the same time.

However, TopGolf Las Vegas proved that nothing is impossible. This is just something unreal that a very impressive in size golf course is located on the top floor of a skyscraper. While hitting golf balls on the grass, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of Las Vegas and be completely independent of weather conditions. Also, the complex features a bar, several lounge areas, a swimming pool and other amenities that are valued by travelers.


The Mob Museum


In the world capital of the casino there’s another uncommon museum, which should be visited anyway. It focuses almost everything that’s related to the Mafia of the 30s, whose activities flourished in the United States.

Newspaper clippings, weapons, clothing, items found in the homes and offices of the main Mafiosi – all this is available now to public. Sometimes thematic evenings are held in the museum, where you can reincarnate either as a cop or a criminal and feel the retro atmosphere.


Red Rock Canyon

Road & Rocks

The nature of Nevada is unique – it has no analogues all over the world. Many people dream that someday they will be able to walk along the canyons of the Grand Canyon, but this is an expensive pleasure.

If you don’t take into account the popular route, and go to the Red Rock Canyon, which surrounds Las Vegas, then you’ll get the same amazing impressions. This is an awesome place, albeit very hot. There are both hiking trails, which are used for guided tours, and highways for those who wish to explore the canyon in a more comfortable way.


Pinball Hall of Fame

Pinball Hall of Fame - new machine row

The creator of this establishment was just a fan of this simple game. He set his records for a long time, competed with the opponents, and at a mature age he decided to open a real museum, where anyone can also play this game.

The hall is full of pinball machines: the oldest one, released many decades ago opens the list of and the newest model closes it. This entertainment is quite affordable, plus, you cannot even play, but just look at this miracle – the entrance to the hall is absolutely free of charge. However, the fans of the game regularly spend most of their time there and organize tournaments where you can also take part.


‘Dig This’ Experience

Dig This! Las Vegas sooooo fun!!

In childhood, many boys dreamed of going behind the wheel of an excavator. Not everyone’s dream came true and this entertainment was created in order to understand what it was like to be an excavator driver. Modern excavators are placed on a huge area and, having rented one of them, you can drive on it, dig the ground, tear down the walls and do whatever your heart desires.

By the way, there are several smaller landfills nearby for younger visitors – they feature electric excavators. Quite often contests, races and other events are held there, and you can participate and get a lot of new impressions.

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