Tobacco Usages in Film Industry

Many characters in films smoke and with the increased costs of film production, Hollywood is looking for new ways to finance their projects. Although the tobacco trade has been restricted, many millions of people around the world are still smoking. It means that films can still become powerful advertisement methods to keep these people smoking. Tobacco is the cause of many preventable diseases. In the United States alone, nearly half of million people die each year due to tobacco uses. The direct medical costs of tobacco usage may reach nearly $80 billion each tear. Nicotine, the active substance in tobacco is a dangerous legalized substance. Nicotine is often compared to cocaine and it’s deadly as well.

Johnny Depp in the Ninth Gate and Nicolas Cage in Matchstick Men smoked in nearly every scene. These films can really influence our subconscious mind. Films can actually be disguised ads for cigarettes and cigars. Many films already reach $100 millions in production costs, so advertising for tobacco products can be essential. It means that films can contribute immensely in promoting products that kill millions of people around the world. There are five different ways how tobacco usages are depicted in films

  • Close ups of characters who light up their cigarettes
  • Scenes of puffs and depiction how smoking relaxes characters in tense or distressing situations
  • Heroic characters take a cool puff to signify their heroism
  • Characters light up so many times to create the hypnotic effect to program viewers’ subconscious mind
  • Special lighting effect that create an urge among viewers to smoke cigarettes

Viewers should have a complete awareness on the risk of tobacco consumption. Each time they see a character smoking, the audience should ask themselves whether it’s necessary. They should use common sense when they see characters light up obsessively. For many actors who don’t smoke, this situation can become an issue that they will certainly face. They should know what’s right and not doing things only for the sake of money. Filmmakers should also be conscious on providing positive influence to the public. They shouldn’t become a drug pusher and try to make the film looks interesting without any use of tobacco. They can become more creative and try to make every scene meaningful, although there’s no depiction of tobacco.

Unfortunately, there’s an immense demand for visually attractive films that require significant use of effects. For Hollywood, it is getting more difficult to decrease their budget. In some cases, movie production costs have become out of control. Big name stars also seek huge payments for their involvements in films. The audience expect to be amazed with what they see on the screen and they want to get the biggest value for their ticket purchases. It takes the commitment of individual filmmaker and actor to stand against the trend. They should avoid exposing the audience to bad and negative influences in films. They should prioritize on the health of their fans and people will respect that.

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