7 Must-Have Features to Skyrocket your E-Commerce Business


Every website has its own set of unique requirements and functionalities. Elements of website design are always subject to change, such as animations, dynamic product searching and 360 product review capabilities. But trends are themselves temporary in nature, hence do not provide reliable boosts in conversions. Features, on the other hand, provide functionality which directly answers user requirements. The following features are excellent choices to upgrade your website and attract your target audience.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile shopping has skyrocketed in the past decade owing to advances in smartphone technology. The projected numbers for mobile shopping are expected to be 54% of all purchases by 2021. As such, you should take advantage of the foreseeable future and prepare accordingly.

A responsive website is a perfect way for catering to customers using mobile phones. The content adjusts according to the smartphone model’s specifications, enhancing user experience on an individualized level. Walmart managed to boost their mobile sales by a whopping 98% just through upgrading their mobile site.

With the ever-increasing numbers of mobile users, it is advisable to start preparing for a mobile future, if you have not already.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Potential customers often have questions regarding products and services. For these, they need accurate answers from a reliable source. And FAQs are the solution to bridge the gap between brand and customer.

Brands can answer common questions in their dedicated FAQs section to facilitate the customers. This ensures that their queries are answered from an authenticated source which is directly responsible for selling their products and services of interest. As such, it lends credibility to that information and prompts them to believe that information to finalize their purchase.

Related Items

Providing the customer with items related to their searches often leads to secondary purchases. This happens because they have either been looking for similar items or seeing related items prompts them to get a good deal. It also personalizes the shopping experience by answering any subconscious thoughts that the customer may be having regarding the purchase of related items. For example, if your store provides a customer who has purchased a laptop with choices of highly rated mouse and headphones, the chances are high that they will make the purchase. They are also more inclined to purchase everything at a single instance rather than at different instances from different stores. Related items assist them in understanding their choice of products better and buying from an already trusted e-commerce store.

Security Features

The success of an online store is directly proportional to the number of online purchases that they are able to achieve. This draws the attention of cybercriminals, who are on the hunt for sensitive information that can be used to steal money and data. Online customers are also well-aware of this, and hence prefer e-commerce stores that offer cybersecurity over those which do not.

CMS such as Magento and WordPress already come loaded with heavy security features, technical support and are widely recognized by online customers. This makes them priority choices for e-commerce activity. Customers also search for SSL certificate, two-factor authentication on purchase, firewalls and open declaration of privacy policies to know how well their information will be protected. Implementing and integrating these security features solidifies customer trust and prompts them to purchase from the online store.

Advance Payment Options

Having advance payment options is mandatory for your online store. With payment gateways such as Apple Pay and PayPal being widely used, it is important to cater clients that are using it. It significantly optimizes user experience, as they can literally purchase products and services with a single click, such as with Amazon One-Click Shopping.

In case of exceptions, clearly elicit why your website is not catering to advance payment options. Modern customers have a higher understanding of technology and software, hence both demand and understand more information. Moreover, it builds trust to be as transparent as possible.

Store Locator for Magento 2

The Magento 2 Store Locator extension assists potential customers in an impressive way. It provides the addresses of nearest physical stores from customer location that has their searched products and services. Just a simple Google Maps integration provides customers with your store’s location as well as basic business information.

The Magento 2 Store Locator builds a Store Locator Page for your business and lists it on Google Maps when integrated. Each landing page is different for the store locations and supports displaying different business information for each one. It allows store searching via addresses, tags and filters. It also supports uploading CSV files to add or import stores. Magento Store Locator also covers in-depth SEO features, default map radius functionalities and setting accurate coordinates.

Flash Sales with Countdown Timer

The Magento 2 Flash Sales extension provides features to create limited-time discounts to boost online store sales. It supports creation of multiple sales campaigns, setting countdown timers, discount percentages and flash sales. You can display the sales labels of products on listing pages and set fixed and set percentage discounts on sales campaigns.

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