Silly Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling with Pets

More and more people take their pets on a trip. It can be a really enjoyable experience if you are ready. What have you already decided about your vacation? Of course, a good car is needed. Try 7 seat rental in Denver Airport so that you will never have problems with a comfortable car. Do you need tips about car rental, packing, and planning your trip with pets? Here are useful advices to take the most of your travel weekend and popular MISTAKES all travelers usually make.

Book a car and a hotel in advance

Traveling with pets, you should book a pet friendly hotel and a comfortable five or seven seater well in advance. So, booking in advance means you have an opportunity to pick the most comfortable hotel and a transport for your pets. Also, it helps to avoid last-minute stresses. Just be honest with the car rental manages and a hotel manager to tell the truth you are going to travel with pets. It helps to enjoy the ride to the full and avoid different mistakes. What are they?

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Mistake 1

Forget about pet microchip

Traveling with pets can be dangerous for your four-legged friends. They are scared and can be easily lost in an unknown city. Don’t you know that all travel pets MUST BE guarded with microchips, so called pet ID. This microchip contains all the necessary information about your pet and his owner. There must be your pet’s name, color, special features, your address, and contact number. Don’t forget to update the chip before traveling.

Solution: Equip your pet’s carrier with your contact information. Your travel destination is also worth mentioning.

Mistake 2

Rent the cheapest small car

Of course, there is nothing bad in renting a car for your real budget. Also, there is nothing bad in renting a small size car if it is enough for you. Traveling with pets, you may need more space in the car. It would be very inconvenient to hold a wheel with your one hand and a pet’s carrier with your second hand to secure your four-legged passenger.

Talk to your rental manager to pick the best car that would be comfortable and safe for your pets and other passengers. Check if the seats are comfortable and you have enough space for luggage. Traveling with cats or small animals, hold them in a carrier. Having a big dog, you’d better to check if there is enough space at the back seat.

Solution: Never allows your pets sit in the front seat. It can be dangerous for animals and uncomfortable for you as for a driver. Make a rule never leave your pet in the car when you leave it. Even if you stop the car at the restaurant for a fast snack, take your pet with you.

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Mistake 3

Forget about the Pet Health Certificate

If you don’t have the Pet Certificate yet, you should call for a vet. Remember that pets boarding airplanes, rental services, and even pet friendly hotels require a current health certificate. This is a document which includes information about all current vaccinations and routine inspection. Traveling by plane, you can’t go aboard the plane without a health certificate. What is more, you can’t even book a flight without all the proper documents.

Solution: It is better to contact to the airline service and find out what documents for your pet or pets you need.

Mistake 4

Book the last-minute flight

The last-minute flight can be extremely cheap for you but not convenient for your travel pets. Also, pay attention to travel time. Traveling by car you are able to start your trip from where you want at all hours. Traveling by plane, pay attention to direct flights. Also, try to pick the night or early morning flights to avoid temperature extremes. Hot and cold temperature is dangerous for pets traveling in a cargo bay.

Solution: Travel by car and give them enough space in the car.

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Mistake 5

Forget to take down all emergency contacts

The trip is always full of emergencies. Even traveling by car you should be ready to meet all unexpected situations. It happens that pets get into accidents or have any other problems that need immediate veterinary care. Look at the map and check location of the veterinary hospitals you may need. Try to rent a car with GPS or upload it on your phone.

Solution: pets are usually very sensitive creatures. The need help. Also, you pets may have specific health condition to avoid flights. Therefore, it is better to rent a comfortable car.

Whenever you go, you can take your pets with you. Of course, spending time together can be funny. Before, try to weight all pros and cons to decide if your pets are really able to take a trip with you.

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