Special for Crazy Tourists: Places to Visit by SUV in Phuket

Have you ever been to Thailand? Phuket is the first place that comes to your mind when you think of rather cheap but really adventurous weekend. Also, you can hardly find a better variant to spend funny time with friends this winter. So, why Phuket? The country has a beautiful historical center, great viewpoints, and smooth beaches. Jeep rental in Phuket will add even more extreme to your vacation and help to explore the nearby islands and other out-of-city attractions.


Have you ever tried to travel on foot through the tropical heat and high humidity? Don’t ever try to! Of course, Jeep is not what you must have in Thailand, but it will be more comfortable to travel by car. Jeep is the most reliable car for traveling from island to island, for off road trips, and beach getaways. The choice of cars is always big and you can pick what you like the most, from Suzuki Jimny to Jeep Grand Cherokee. How do you know the car characteristics? You may use one of many car rental apps to check the rates, compare the cars, and decide. Read about extra fees and additional options you can order for your ride. It can be a baby seat, GPS navigation, air conditioner, anything.

Hong island at Phang Nga bay, Thailand



  1. Go to Bay Phang Nga

Welcome to a unique place you can find in Thailand. The water is calm and clear, circled by vertical cliffs and mysterious caves. You can see many smaller islands, dotted all around the coast. You can take a tour and visit all these islands to see how various local fauna is. There are many exotic birds, sheltered and protected. Remember, Island of James Bond Island is probably the best visited place for tourists.

  1. Give credit to Phi Phi

Look around! What do you think of that? The island landscapes are met in many films. This is the best location for adventurous and action-gangster movie. Tourists often come here to connect with nature and see popular movie places. Don’t worry, this place will never disappoint you. The local nature is impressive! Leave your car at the beach parking and ride a boat to get to the island. You feel like you are amidst the jungle. Don’t forget to take selfies.

  1. Go to Similan Islands

Jump into your Jeep and go to see Similan Islands, circled by the wild sandy beaches and friendly blue seas. This is a place where you can not only admire the views around but go diving. About 9 charming islands along the coast of Khaolak were always attractive for scuba divers. You can find more information about this place on the popular dive sites. Why do people come here? Of course, they want to see lively and colorful coral reefs! The visibility is perfect here! If you are not good at diving, you can sail a boat.



  1. Go to the West Coast beaches

Jeeps are good at sand riding. There is no need to mention which beaches are worth visiting. Just drive your car to the West Coast of Phuket. All the best and the most beautiful beaches are gathered here. There are more than 20 beaches to choose from! You’ll be impressed! Some of them are wilds and pristine, others are well organized special for tourists. Let you relax on the white velvet sand and enjoy the clean blue seas.

  1. Try island-hopping

Do you like tropical adventures? Phuket is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. You can see many beautiful islands along the coast. Some of them are way ahead from the coast. Others are easy to reach by car or boat. These small pieces of land are good for romantic adventures when you want to stay along with your beloved one. There are islands where you can practice snorkeling and enjoy the island treasures.

Traveling on a yacht in Thailand. Surin and Similan Islands


  1. Visit one-two viewpoints

The nature of Phuket is worth admiring it. If you want to see the most spectacular nature views of Thailand as its best, you can drive your car to the West or East coast. If you are lucky, you can catch the sunrise or sunset. Most of tourists go to Promthep Cape. Also, you can check the other viewpoints near you.

Beautiful Sunset on Promthep Cape, Phuket island, Thailand


Phuket is a country of beaches. Where there are beaches, there are beach clubs. Some of local beach clubs are well-known in the world. They offer all possible beach attractions: modern music, alcohol and non-alcohol cocktails, fresh snacks, beach pools. Take everything that you need into your large car and stop worry about your vacation. Bright parties and special events are regular here. Thailand is a land of joy and natural beauties. Every city you come to and every island you visit welcomes you!

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