When the budget doesn’t permit you, go DIY! Beautify your space with our tips

 There are times when one feels suffocated due to the weight of their thoughts.

The time when all else ceases to exist except for the burden of a monotonous life. These instances are natural and happen to everyone, but if a majority of your days are spent in brooding silences and heaving breaths, then perhaps it’s time for you to make a few changes in your life.

Whether it is a minimal change like a couple of new frames on the wall or a massive change like moving to a new place, breaking your patterns is essential for growth.

Change is necessary for all of humankind. Whether it happens to be a shift in one’s routine, adoption of a new habit, or moving to a new place, every change matters regardless of its size.

So if you are keen on changing your surroundings or have moved to a new home, you must be wondering about your financial position.

It is granted that today’s rising inflation and the fastidious pace of life makes it challenging to keep some dollars aside for redecoration.

If such is your case, then worry not, for you are in the perfect spot. We have curated a list of some of the best DIY projects that would help you fulfill your desires of an Instagram-worthy home.

You can thank us later in the comments below, so for now, get a pen and paper to jot down a couple of ideas. Without much ado, let’s jump right into it.

How to beauty space while staying on a budget?

The decoration is a daunting task if you have no prior experience. Since the aesthetic abilities are not extensively developed at high school, your hesitance to start on your own is understandable. But, when the budget is low, and change is compulsory, then beautifying your space with DIY projects a brilliant idea.

  • Remember to start with a budget.
  • Allot an amount and make a comprehensive list of ideas that you wish to pursue.
  • Once you have an idea about what’s to be done, the next step is the division of projects over some time or amongst rooms.
  • If you are doing your entire house or office space, it is critical to note that each designated area has its personal identity.
  • You can follow a single theme throughout the space like Jessica Alba’s $10 million home in Los Angeles, or you can have the college student approach of making adjustments around the existing furniture and problems.

Creating a mood for every room would enable you to focus entirely on the project at hand and lead you to space to call your own, like Joe Manganiello’s den, perhaps?

Add a pop of color

Whether it’s a dull bedroom, a grey office, or a brown study, adding a bright spot of color would immediately lift the spirit of the space.

You can make this change by painting a wall on your own, making a couch cover out of shirts from the dollar store, or making the addition of cheery artificial floral arrangements.

A simple swap of throw pillows and old towels is also a good idea. After all, there is no harm in using red towels or keeping fuchsia pink cushions on your grey couch.

All of these methods are pocket-friendly. It is important to remember that adding the entire rainbow in the same room would overpower the room and result in a disaster. Subtlety is key.

Create a feature wall

Do you feel passionate about displaying stuff on walls?

Do you want to add an ice-breaker in the room for the time acquaintances visit your home?

Then adding a feature wall could work very well in your favor. You can make a collection of your favorite photographs, add a vast world map, or even put up motivational posters.

Anything that fits your budget could work here. Often time’s garage sales and dollar stores have a treasure trove of frames that can help you achieve the wall of your choice.

You can even add a mirror to create the illusion of a larger space. Remember to maintain balance in the room where you have a feature wall.

If you like the romantic charm of the early Hollywood era and Frank Sinatra’s soft voice, then you can use furniture following the feature wall. Looking up furniture stores in RI is not enough; you need to find the best item for your budget.

Keeping minimal furniture would help the wall grasp the undivided attention of your visitors. The wall is there to represent you.

Build a bookcase

Many people tend to collect books, magazines, journals, and whatnot. You can use your collectibles as a decorative item to beautify your home.

Collect a couple of wooden crates of varying sizes. Set them on the wall of your choice and voila! You have a personal DIY bookcase. This shelving can be used to display books, knickknacks, crockery, mementos from your travels, and vintage items too. If you make this shelf in the kitchen, then you can easily store your kitchen appliances.

Introduce Greenscape

If you live in an apartment complex without a balcony, then having larger plants could be a problem. But nature has gifted us with succulents that not only look cute but are minimal maintenance.

Adding manageable houseplants around your home is not as tough on the pocket as hiring a landscaper to mow the lawn and make Noah’s garden from Nicholas Spark’s novel, The Wedding.

Hanging artificial arrangements in the bathroom, or adding a couple of potted plants in the entryway would have a calming effect on your space immediately. You can start a small kitchen garden out of your kitchen window to start a new hobby and add a touch of green to your kitchen. Adding plants to your space always works its charm.

Summing up

Your space is a representation of yourself. You can express your views, ideologies, personality, and everything else through the walls in your home and the table in your office.

Decoration does not depend on high budgets and expensive designer products. A DIY project always exudes the energy of passion and commitment. Precisely the type of energy you need at home!

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