Pre-Preparation for Your Thanksgiving Party

Every year, the Thanksgiving party gives families a reason to join together and celebrate a feast.

Knowing how many guests will visit can help you prepare in advance. With this sweet holiday around the corner, some preparations should be in the pipeline.

Look For the Perfect Recipes

So you want to craft the perfect menu for Thanksgiving dinner? Make sure you don’t have to compromise on your culinary genius because of carelessness.

Decide on mouth-watering appetizers, tantalizing main courses, tasty sides, and delicious desserts well before the actual feast. Keep your kitchen space in mind because if your oven is too small, cooking the meals will be too challenging. Moreover, try to choose drinks that settle well with the guests.

Many people decide on the dishes that they will cook at the last moment. However, doing so limits their options as they might not have the right ingredients.  As a host, you want to make sure that you curate a delicious dinner that leaves everyone licking their fingers. However, if you aren’t sure about the menu till the very end, you may have to compromise on the recipes. Such a problematic situation is nothing short of a disaster. So plan to ensure that you get enough time to prepare your pantry.

Choose a Turkey and Place the Order

Buying right Turkey is an art that you should master. After all, no dinner is complete without seasoned Turkey.

A feast without this classic seems incomplete. Hosts can dedicate some time to understand Turkey’s terminology. Understanding this jargon is vital if you want to order the perfect variation. Ensure that you order a bird according to your taste and gathering. After all, there is no use of getting a complete Turkey when you can manage with the breast alone. You can even order a pre-cooked dish that would allow you to stay free of hassles.

Plan Your Grocery Excursion

Did you know that Thanksgiving has been around for about 400 years? Despite the centuries, the holiday spirit has kept this holiday alive.

Since you’ve already decided on your menu, you need to gather the ingredients next. Consider visiting the nearest grocery store with a list of all the things that you need. Don’t go there on Thanksgiving Day as the stock may be running out. Visit the store at least three to four days before the event and pile up the inventory in your favor.

Make Your Kitchen Is In Perfect Condition

To prepare a tasty dinner, you need to make sure your kitchen appliances and tools are ready.

Imagine entering the kitchen before the feast to find out that the stove isn’t working or the oven won’t switch on. No host wants to face such a Thanksgiving nightmare. After all, there can be no feast without the food. Therefore, hosts should ensure that their kitchen and the appliances are in brilliant condition. Whether you have to replace stove element or arrange for new oven parts, do it in advance.

Thaw Your Turkey

Frozen Turkeys are stubborn and take an eternity to thaw properly. Give the bird enough time to become ready for cooking.

The time that it takes to thaw a Turkey depends on the species and the weight of the bird. In general, every four pounds need a day. However, this period could increase if your Turkey needs to be brined. Many hosts end up destroying the dish because of carelessness. Therefore, consider thawing it well before you need to cook the meal.

Prepare the Gravy In Advance

The more is merrier when it comes to gravy. So why don’t you prepare it in advance and freeze it?

If you’re concerned about adding Turkey drippings to the gravy, don’t worry. You can always compensate for that later. All you have to do is leave it in the fridge overnight to thaw it for the next day. In the morning, you can reheat it and bring it back to its original glory. Moreover, you can also add those delicious drippings that you admire.

Don’t Forget That Cranberry Sauce

Americans love Cranberry sauce, and that would explain why they consume 5,062,500 gallons of it every year. We’re in deep love with this red beauty.

According to estimates, more than 94 percent of Thanksgiving dinners have a serving of cranberry sauce. You can prepare this staple well ahead of the holiday and freeze it. Cranberry sauce has a jelly-like consistency, and it behaves like a jam. You can freeze it without much ado and use it later without ruining the taste. This sugary treat is often the highlight of the event, and you can prepare it in advance.

Partially Cook That Pie

There is a lot of variety when it comes to pies. So you can choose the one you like best and get a headstart.

If you’ve chosen a fruit-based pie, prepare it and put it in the freezer. Just leave the actual baking for the big day. If you’ve chosen a custard-based one, get ready to make the flaky pie crust and strengthen your pie game. You should probably make most deserts a day or two ahead when it comes to Thanksgiving.

Chop the Essentials A Day Before

So you’ve reached the finish line, and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Perhaps you should chop a few ingredients in advance.

Thanksgiving Day is a busy time of the year. You have to get ready, welcome all your guests, and have every dish ready. To reduce the burden of cooking the meals on this holiday, you can cut the essentials in advance. Regardless of whether you cut fruits or vegetables that will be used for the dish, chop it if needed and place it in the fridge.

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving Day is a beautiful holiday that brings people together. Preparing in advance for the party ensures that you excellently serve the guests as a host. Whether it be making sure your cooking appliances are working or preparing a dish in advance, do what is required. You’ll reduce a lot of burden by doing so.

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