Fifteen Ways To Beautify Your Room In a Budget

Planning to decorate your room and accentuating its look and feel can be a frustratingly daunting task, especially when you don’t know where to start. However, with budget-friendly and creative design tips, there is no doubt you can turn your room into something dreamy, transforming it into a comfortable retreat of sorts.

From efficient storage options to uniquely shuffling the furniture, below are some pretty simple, cost-effective and creative design ideas to beautify your room.

Bring in a rolling cart

A rolling cart or a bar cart can do wonders as a nightstand. There are just so many things you can do with it! You can put all your key items on the rolling cart, such as your alarm clock, a bedside lamp, etc. This type of nightstand also comes with middle and lower shelf storage, which means you can also store your linens and a carafe in either of the shelves.

Let the beautiful natural light sink into your room

Another really clever way of enhancing your bedroom’s overall scheme is to get rid of bulky window treatments. Less is more in this regard, allowing extra sunlight to envelop your room, making it look unfussy and minimal. Moreover, if you want to add a layer of privacy, you can always opt for roller blinds – or you could just hang a panel of voile or lace. However, with a minimal window treatment, it is essential that you make your room bugproof as well.

Be efficient with your storage space

The best way to maximize your room’s storage is to get a nice floor-to-ceiling shelf, which is going to help you store more items without forming a clutter. Plus, with a single, creatively placed storage unit, you will also be able to showcase all your treasures and key decorative pieces. It is all about looks and convenience. You can store your books, personal items and install a reading light as well.

Use modern art behind your decoration

You will be amazed to see how wonderful your white lamp and gold dresser will look accentuated with a modern piece of art hanging behind it. Instead of just a plain wall staring back at you, now you have a vignette!

Get your furniture pieces measured and made

Having measured pieces can help efficiently maximize the total space in your room. For example, if you’re getting a new bed, try to get something that has built-in drawers and opt for the wall-mounted table. It is all about creatively utilizing a small space, and leaving more room for seating.

Shuffle all your furniture around

There is no rule in interior design that dictates you can’t put your bed right in front of the window or that you can’t use your dresser as a handy nightstand. Forget about what others say and just go with a furniture arrangement that suits your room and helps save space. And do you know what the most amazing thing about this technique is? It is free!

Dazzle the room with fresh bursts of color

Everybody loves a neutral room, however, if you wish to add more spunk into it, then the best way you can do that is get colorful linen and a blanket that nicely contrasts your duvet. You can also throw in a trendy pillow design or paint the wall behind the bed in bold accents.

Re-vamp the walls

Making a gallery wall does a lot to jazz up space, adding more personality to the room. What you can do is use different paintings shuffled together to create a unique ambiance. You could also use your photography or add one-liner quotes – it is really a matter of personal preference.

Get a rug

Laying a nice rug to your room can make it appear a bit bigger. However, it is essential that the rug is adequately sized. Rugs can make your room seem more pulled together, even if you already have carpeting. But make sure you select a product that is big enough to be laid down under the bed and one other furniture piece.

Breathe life into your life – literally!

Nothing adds a breath of fresh air in your room like a nice houseplant. Plants make more oxygen and help filter out the air. If you don’t know where to start, or if you have never even considered shopping for houseplants, a good way to start is opting for beautiful, low maintenance plants such as sansevieria or spider plants.

Install a lovely canopy

If you want your bedroom to look like a first-class holiday suite, the best way to go about it is getting a beautiful, flowing canopy.

Get a beautiful headboard

Installing a gorgeous headboard that complements the overall color theme and interior of the room can quickly add a bit of jazz to your room. For example, you can get a stencil design to make it a focal point in the room.

Get a trendy tapestry

If you can’t find a great art piece to hang on your walls, the next best option to enhance the overall look and feel of your room is to add a funky, yet beautiful tapestry. Tapestries are a really cool way of blasting your walls with a bit of texture and color, utilizing the space well.

Install new mirrors

The best way to make your room seem a bit bigger is to strategically add mirrors on the walls. Mirrors placed in the right way, adjacent to windows can efficiently reflect natural light and make the room seem bigger. In addition, they come in all forms of shapes and sizes and are affordable.

Add practical décor items

The best thing to do is to invest in details. Installing little things that bring you happiness – and it could be anything, from a candle holder to a pretty reading lamp. Looking for beauty in the details is a pretty cost-effective and efficient way to go about decorating your room.

So there you go – these are some very creative, low maintenance and budget-friendly design ideas you can implement to transform your room overnight!

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