Greatest Action Movies of All Time

We love to watch action movies, because they can get our adrenaline pumping when we watch them. There are hundreds of action movies that have been produced and here are a few that are considered the best.

  • Robocop: Part man, part machine. A cop was murdered brutally execution style by a gang leader. Robo Cop is mostly machine, with only remnants of his human life. At the time, the film showed innovative fighting scenes between robots, which started a new trend in the filmmaking industry.
  • Commando: It’s one of Arnold’s first popular films in the 80’s about a special force soldier who embarks on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter. With light comedy added throughout the film, it shows what Arnold does best, that is too blow up stuff and shoot machine guns.
  • Mission Impossible: It is a film filled with so much excitement and suspense. Although the actual story eventually deviates from what’s shown in the TV series, after the team is almost decimated, the film is still a wonderful thing to watch.
  • Rocky: Rocky Balboa is a boxer from Philadelphia. He is a simple person who knows only how to fight. Except for the disappointing Rocky V, the whole series is wonderful to watch. The film is about passion and persistence to reach goals, regardless of the odds.
  • The Transporter: The series combines fast fighting scenes, fast cars and women. Basic ingredients for any good action film. The Transporter is a good film if you just want to watch an action film. Fights are well choreographed and the car chase scenes are admirable.
  • Rambo: Rambo is notorious for being a cheesy action film with John Rambo as the one-man army. But first film of the series is praised for its storyline. Poor treatment and bad judgment on Vietnam War veterans in the 70’s has caused John Rambo to take out the whole police department with sharp sticks and even a rock against one helicopter.
  • Aliens: Aliens combines elements of sci-fi and horror. The first three films of the series were well down. Those scary looking xenomorphs will haunt you, by just looking a glimpse of them. Even if a huge amount of ammo can eventually stop them, their acid blood can splash back to exact unexpected revenge.
  • Terminator: The Terminator series is about the apocalyptic war between near-extinct human and robots. In the first film, a cyborg was sent by Sky Net to kill Sarah Connor the future mother of the resistance leader, John Connor. Subsequent films follow the main storyline, until the actual guerrilla war against robots.
  • Die Hard: John McClane is basically an urban Rambo, when he fought a bunch terrorist in Nakatomi Plaza on his own. His struggle and perseverance make it one of the most iconic action films of the time. McClane is likeable individual and the film is well directed, making us feel all his pain and struggle. We would cringe as McClane pull broken glass from his feet and feel the joy at the end of the film, when all the terrorists are annihilated. The second film follows the same formula, while the third and fourth films are enjoyable as well.
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