Six reasons to visit Mexico

The fashion for exotic holidays do not decrease from year to year. Thailand, Goa, Bali – in a short time these places have become the most popular destinations among tourists. Recently, Mexico has become very popular as well. A country, which is familiar to us from films and books, seems mysterious and inaccessible. People are wondering about the Mexican way of life and about the most interesting activities, which you can take part in during the holiday. Therefore, here are six reasons why you should definitely go to Mexico!

  • Watch the Mexican Carnival

Calling the carnival week in Mexico ‘amazing’ means not to say anything. Starting about a week before the Catholic Lent (which was in February in this year), carnival days take place in an atmosphere of colorful and noisy street parades, incessant music, dances and fireworks.

During carnival days, many appear on the streets exclusively in masks, which, according to popular belief, are made for driving evil spirits away. Immediately after the end of the carnival, begins the Great Lent, and the carnival, thus, represents the “last chance” to plunge into the pleasures of worldly life.

To see this amazing carnival, you should go to one of the port cities. Best of all is to come to Mazatlan. You are able to reach this city on a rented car, which could be taken at the Enterprise car rental Guadalajara airport. More than 300 thousand people come to the carnival annually. This way it puts the Mexican carnival on a par with the largest carnivals in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans.

  • Try local cuisine

The cuisine is rich in hot chili and tomato-based salsa sauces, which are served with meat, fish, and beans. National dishes cannot do without at least one of the three typical ingredients: corn tortillas, beans and hot chili peppers. Hot dishes are prepared from several varieties of meat.

  • Watch the most beautiful temples of ancient Maya

Mayan civilization, located mainly in the northern region of Central America, is one of the greatest pre-Columbian civilizations. By 250-900 BC, most Mayan city-states had reached their peak of development. An important evidence of this is the ancient Mayan temples, which were built in almost all Mayan cities. For reasons that are still not known, most Maya centers fell into decay over the following centuries and turned into ruins. However, some places are still very picturesque and you can visit them in Mexico.

  • Relax in top-notch Mexican resorts

Resorts in Mexico are the places, where you will definitely have a comfortable stay. Cancun, Mazatlan, Huatulco, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Playa de Carmen, Cozumel resorts are among the best not only in America but also throughout the world. Cancun is one of the famous resorts located on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is known for its endless beaches, clear water and fairly close proximity to the monuments of Mayan civilization. Riviera Maya is a young resort located 50 kilometers from Cancun. It is a great place for family vacations. Most hotels offer an all-inclusive meal plan. The beach is famous for its white sand. Acapulco is a kind of “night capital” of the country, a city of entertainment with a great variety of shows, restaurants and casinos. This is the beachfront entertainment center of Mexico.

  • Taste real tequila

Of course, once in Mexico, you just need to taste the tequila! In Mexico, dozens of types of this blue agave drink are sold. The popular colorless tequila Blanco is intended exclusively for cocktails; yellowish, with the ‘Reposado’ inscription – more seasoned, which is drunk pure with salt and lime, and the most expensive – Anejo (its age is from 6 years), is a brown drink with a cognac hue in taste. By the way, during the initial processing of blue agave, a light alcoholic drink, pulque, is obtained. Another tequila-related drink is mezcal, which is also obtained by agave fermentation, but without added sugar. In bottles with mezcal often put the carcasses of caterpillars. It is believed that the one who got the caterpillar during bottling will be lucky for a whole year.

  • Take a train ride along the edge of the canyon

The Chihuahuaal Pacific railway is considered one of the most extreme in the world. Just imagine: the train rises to a height of 2400 m above sea level, passes through 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. A 13-hour journey can begin on the coast and then the train goes through waterfalls, deserts and mountains, plateaus and canyons. The steam engine passes through six Copper Canyons, which, if combined together, will be four times larger than the famous Grand Canyon. Tickets for the trip must be booked in advance, as the route is very popular.

Mexico is not only beaches and the sea for tourists. This is also a rich story. Acquaintance with the country, as a rule, begins with its capital. Mexico City is one of the most densely populated megacities. However, in the midst of modern noise, if you listen carefully, you will hear the quiet rustle of distant eras. This can be told about the majority of Mexican cities. Build your route down the Mexico so that not to miss the most beautiful places and you will always remember this trip!


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