Want to Make Friends in New City? Read HOW!

Is it difficult for you to make new friends? It is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are 20 or 30. Does it feel like a kid on the playground? Add some stress and fear to feel how it is. By the way, being nervous is fine. Look around! Everyone is ready to help you to find a way or catch a bus. Whenever you go, to climb up the mountain in Colorado or learn surfing at Caribbean, Avis car rental in Denver, Barbados, or in any other part of the world will help you to feel more comfortable in the unknown place. One way or another, you can’t live without a friendly advice. Your GPS is nothing to what the real friend means. Are you ready to spend efforts and make friends?




Stop nervous! The basic places for making friends are your work, internet, bars and cafes. Also, there can be some unexpected ways to make friends in a new place.

  1. Go to the shop

Of course, it is more comfortable to shop from your smartphone. Try to come out of your comfort zone and go shopping, especially if you are traveling through the new city. You can find some new stuff for your comfortable living and talk to people. Don’t be afraid to ask if you need a friendly advice about one or another thing you are going to buy. Feel free to ask about what is what in the shop and right direction. Ask about local food and popular ingredients, recipes.

Of course, a food shop is a unique place that is always full of people, but you can pick the shop according to your interests. Do you like reading? Welcome to the book store! Do you like sports? You can try to find friends in the sport shop.

  1. Take a break in the local cafe

Coffee shop or cafe can be a nice opportunity to make friends. If you are shy and don’t want to talk to people without any reason, try to read all those flyers and cards on the table. Nobody knows what will attract your attention. Coffee shop is a unique place and a source of information about local groups, popular events, clubs and meeting. Just read the flyers and try to join the city gardening club if you like gardening the most.

  1. Walk your dog

Do you know that walking your dog you can make new friends? Just take your dog, or your friend’s dog if you don’t have any, and go to the park. Dogs are always a good occasion to start conversation with the dog lovers. Definitely, you can always find a topic to discuss and put as many questions as you can.

Man's best friend

  1. Be active online

Why don’t you join the group in the internet? Everyone likes spending time there. You can find a lot of groups on different interests. You can join any of them and meet new friends. Also, you can use many different apps that facilitate new friendships. Try EatWith or OneTable! They help to find a friend for dinner and explore your new city’s cuisine altogether. What is more, most of the apps welcome locals to participate. It would be great to meet locals, ask about interesting places, city rules, and the way of life you should follow.

  1. Join faith group

This variant is good for religious people. Connecting with a faith group can be really helpful if you are going to stay in a new place for long. Often, religious organizations promote finding friends in a new city. You feel really comfortable and never afraid to ask your new friends about all trouble questions. As a rule, faith group helps people for free.


  1. Visit social events

You can learn about all interesting events in the city from the touristic agency or locals. Don’t be afraid to go to the park to find a sport group or workout class. You can go to the beach to practice yoga outdoors. Even if you are not good at cooking, try to attend cooking classes or reading clubs. That’s really good idea to join people around the general idea. Shared problems, issues make communication easier. Don’t worry if you have no special gear to practice in the group. You should try first and then decide.

Making friends is not an easy thing to do. No doubts about it! Whenever you go, there is always a way to make new friends. Try to find it! Of course, everything depends on what country you have picked for traveling or living. If it is a southern state, you should try luck in sport, surfing, beach clubs. European countries can boast shopping, museums, social events where you can always try to meet new people. It would be great to make friendship with locals. They can tell you a lot about their city over a cup

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