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Important Parts Of The Dissertation Paper That Cannot Be Skipped

Are you in the last year of your college or university? It is that phase of college life where you are asked to summarize and conclude the years of your educational hard work and learning in the form of dissertation. The degree is granted on the basis of dissertation excellence and authenticity. Therefore the dissertation paper must be constructed with meticulous attention and detailing to instantly impress the committee and teachers and secure the passing grade.

Dissertation is a lengthy document that exceeds 5000 word count mostly and therefore, it is divided in several different parts to perfectly deliver the information in an organized manner. The dissertation paper is also highly valuable for the research world and there could be a possibility of future researchers and students taking reference and help from your work for writing their own essays and assignments therefore, you must be genuine throughout the process. Following are the major sections of a dissertation that cannot be missed or overlooked and it is essential that the writer pays great attention to these sections for the overall great quality of work.

Dissertation abstract

Abstract is the very first part of the dissertation. It comes after the title page and acknowledgments if there are any. The abstract is supposed to address the summary of your research based on your own understanding of the topic as well as what you have grasped from reading the journal articles and research papers for reference. The reader must immediately understand the topic of discussion of the research work after reading the abstract. After that you are supposed to mention the methodology of your paper and the purpose of the research. The abstract usually consists of 150-200 words. Your abstract must be captivating as the reader decides whether he wants to read any further or not considering the abstract. You can take help from any cheap dissertation writing service for the abstract of your work.

Introduction section

Introduction section is no hard to understand. In this part of the paper, you are supposed to introduce your topic in detail to the reader. Introduction is basically the base of the research work that is to be continued in the upcoming sections. Introduce your topic in detail in this particular section to help your readers get a full grip on the topic on which you will be conducting your research. The introduction section is ended with a thesis statement. Thesis statement is an essential small part of the research work and usually holds a separate marking criteria. Discuss the aim of your research, the main question(s) that you will explore and find answers, and a brief outline of the research paper in the introduction section in separate paragraphs each.

Methodology and discussion part

Methodology is one section and the discussions section is another one. In the methodology section you are supposed to talk in detail about the methods you have used for conducting your research. There are two types of researching methods namely quantitative and qualitative methods and you should briefly talk about the one you have used for collecting the data. Whether it is through journal articles, research papers, or conducting interviews. After that comes the discussion part in which you will be analyzing all the gathered data and summarize the findings. This is the most important part as the actual work is done in this section and it will help other people increase their knowledge on a certain topic. If you have relevant data gathered with you then this section would not be an issue and all you would need is some time to construct a good quality discussion section.

References and bibliography

This is another important section where you are supposed to mention all the sources from where you have collected data and information. You have to mention all the references according to the specified format and referencing style. Mentioning the references also ensures zero plagiarism and help the readers to double check the authenticity of your work and delivered information.

Dissertation should be written very carefully and with proper effort to achieve high grades. Discussed above are some major sections of the paper which you cannot skip.



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