Hundreds of students every year graduate with dreams of landing a good job at a reputable firm. They think it’s an easy process where they just have to secure good grades in university and they will automatically get a job after graduation but it’s not that easy. The process requires you to do more than that. Before when students used to apply, their university degree was enough for them to secure a job but now it is more than that. Students have to try other ways that can make them look good and a valuable candidate in front of the company that they applied for so that they stand out among all the other graduates. To get a job after university, here are a few essential ways that can help increase those chances:

§  Strong Network

When it comes to finding a job after university, it’s essential to have contacts that can help you get an interview. a lot of time when managers are looking at resumes, they prefer the one which is from their own network. You can connect with your seniors who have already graduated and are in their professional life. Engaging with your alumni group can get you out of the university bubble and can help you in many ways.  Strong social skills lead you to have a strong network that can easily get you a job after university.

§  Socialize

Developing good relationships is one of the key factors to increase your chances to secure a job after university. Students often meet their alumni’s or professional people at good firms and immediately start asking them for jobs. No one will respond to you if they do not know you so it’s important that you first develop relationships with these people and then you should talk about job opportunities.

§  Creative resume

To secure a job at any company, every student should have a CV that will let the employers know about their education background, work experience and what kind of a person he is. A strong, well-written resume is something that will make you stand out in those hundreds of other resumes. There are numerous Professional CV makers available that can help you come up with a good CV so that the company you applied for considers you as a potential employee.

§ Summer Internships

Every student likes to enjoy their summer vacations at home but summer vacations are also the only opportunity you have to gain relevant experience related to your degree that can help you to get a job afterwards. It’s better to do be an intern at a reputable place that will make your resume look good. Many firms offer students to intern at their company for the experience.

§  Explore Various Sectors

It’s important that you explore other sectors other than your major. While pursuing your desired major, it’s important that you do not only focus on one career path. Experiencing different sectors will give you a chance to develop connections and also gain relevant experience. For example, a business student whose major is finance should not only look for summer placements or internships in the finance department but should also look for work in a marketing firm.

§  Skills and Interest

Before going for a job or any career path, it’s important to analyze what takes up more of your time and effort and consider converting that in your career. It’s not important that the skill you excel at or your interest is something that will give you a successful career after university.

§  GPA

If there’s one thing that’s important more than anything is the grades you get in your university. In order, to increase your chances for a good job after university it’s necessary to score well in your electives and major projects that will make your resume look good.

§  Blogging

Companies prefer employees that have an image outside their resume. They prefer a creative person with side ambitions and a strong identity. To ensure that you fill all the preferences of any company, you need to start blogging in your university life. Your blog can be about anything. It can be about something you love; like writing or cooking etc.


Securing a good job at an esteemed and well-known firm, it’s imperative that students try to do different things that will increase those chances. From being an intern at a firm to forming a good well-written CV, every step is crucial for a good placement after university, because there numerous graduates looking for a job but less demand so in order to stand out its necessary that you follow the above ways to distinguish yourself from other candidates.


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