How Much Does Garage Door Cable Repair Cost?

A garage door is a primary entrance and exit to a home, and its function is to make life easier. It is a convenient way to enter your home and provides you with safety when the door is closed. However, if your garage door is damaged or isn’t working correctly, it can be worrisome even if you are living in one of the safest cities. In this case, you will need the services of a professional to repair your door as soon as possible.

Most of the problems with a garage door usually occur internally. A person with no experience of garage door repair will find it hard to understand the inner workings of a garage door since it involves various small complex parts. This makes the task of diagnosing and fixing quite complicated.

There are several issues that a garage door may be having if it is not functioning properly. Some of the common problems involve broken springs, malfunctioned door safety sensors, faulty rollers, and hinges. Broken or loose cables can also be the culprit in most cases. Before fixing the door cables, you need to find the root problem that is actually causing it.

What are the signs that indicate a faulty garage door cable?

Cables are one of the essential components of a garage door. They work with the springs to open and close the door safely. So, if the cables are broken, it is advised not to use the garage until a professional fix the issue. Some of the common signs that indicate broken or snapped cables include:

  • Jammed door
  • The Garage door doesn’t open or close properly
  • Loose cables
  • The door makes noise

When you notice any of these issues, it is prudent to call a technician and let them inspect your garage door.

What are the reasons for the broken garage door cables?

Garage doors use torsion cables attached to the bottom bracket and are connected to a cable drum for doors with a torsion spring. Garage doors with an extension spring have the cables attached to the bottom bracket that goes up over a pulley and onto the extension spring.

The cables support your garage door and are under enormous tension due to the weight of the door. The cable usually breaks or wears away with usage and corrosion. When this happens, the garage door may look uneven, be difficult to open, or even fall on an angle. Poor maintenance, wear and tear, or loose components are also common reasons for broken garage door cables.

How much does the garage door cable repair cost?

While the garage door cables aren’t much expensive, the service and repair specialist will cost you most of the money. The basic garage door cable runs anywhere between $8 and $20, depending upon the quality and material. The repair company may charge you differently if they provide the cables. Garage door cables that have simply come off the track do not need to be replaced; however, broken cables need to be removed entirely and replaced.

In both instances, you will require the services of a technician who will take down the door, unwind the springs, replace the cables and then rewind the springs. The average cost for a professional garage door repair specialist is between $80 and $120 per hour, so the broken garage door cable replacement will cost you anywhere from $150 to $200. In Plano Garage Door Repair service can be easily found. You can find plenty of vendors. We would recommend you to always go for the one that offers reliable cables that are far off snapping and jamming. Don’t ever go for a substandard service just for the sake of saving a few bucks.

Preventative measures to take to avoid broken garage door cables:

It is hazardous to use a garage door with broken cables. Don’t leave it too late when you sense that the cables need replacement. Otherwise, you may face a door that is jammed down or halfway. This may damage the door panels, which will further increase the repair costs.

Regularly inspect the cables and look for any deterioration including:

  • Loose wires
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Noise when opening
  • Slackness

You may also apply a preventative spray of lithium grease on the cables. It will prevent the cables from being exposed to salt air and rust. If you are living in coastal areas constantly exposed to salt air, replacing the torsion cables with a stronger and corrosion resistant stainless-steel cable can help your cables avoid rust or snap.


Some homeowners delay minor garage door repairs including replacing the garage door cable. But the fact is that cable replacement is a far more cost-effective option than the costly repairs that a faulty cable may entail. The safety of your home and belongings shouldn’t be compromised in any way. Not to mention the peace of mind you get when you see your garage door operational and knowing that your home and belongings are safe and secure.

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