5 Things You Should Know About Cupping Therapy

Thanks to the Rio Olympics 2016, the cupping therapy became a hot topic of conservation around the world. Audiences and sports enthusiasts witnessed strange purplish and reddish bruises on the shoulders of famous athletes, Pavel Sankovich and Michael Phelps and soon as people started to freak out, it was immediately revealed that these are spots left after a therapy that athletes are doing to relieve the soreness in their muscles.

Cupping therapy might appear scary and painful to some when the matter of the fact is that cupping therapy is pretty relaxing and offers hundreds of benefits. The irony is that there is a lot of misinformation on the internet suggesting that the therapy is ineffective and some even calling it harmful.

In this article we would like to set the record straight. We are mentioning 5 facts about the therapy that you must know about.


  1. Cupping is a safe therapy

Although cupping can be performed by physicians, it is wise to consult a trained acupuncturist for the matter. The procedure used by all the acupuncturists is the same. An alcohol swab is lit inside a cup which is then placed on the patients’ skin. A trained acupuncturist carefully places suction cups on specific points. Suction is produced as the heated air is trapped between the skin and the cup. The heat creates suction which increases blood flow to the area. The cup can either be stationary or the acupuncturist may move them around. When performed by a trained practitioner, the therapy is 100% safe but is certainly not a practice that a layman and an inexperienced person should try at home.

Cupping may appear painful and to be honest it is a little painful but the benefits it offers are worth the pain. You might feel like a hickey or slight pinching when the suction begins. Have you ever imagined how would it feel to have you skin sucked by a vacuum cleaner hose, that’s precisely how the therapy feels like.


  1. The Therapy is not New:

A lot of people have this misconception that cupping is some new phenomenon when in fact it is hundreds of years of is old. The exact origins and the time of its discovery is still a matter of controversy, though it has been a major contributor in ancient Egyptian and Chinese medical and clinical practices.


  1. The Marks indicate the Level Stagnation in Your Body:

The marks that appear after the therapy session are an indicator of the levels of stagnation in your body. This is one reason why the Olympian athletes who received cupping got a lot of attention because of the prominent marks. A person with high stagnation levels will have dramatic purple marks which will stay there for few days before fading. A person who receives the therapy regularly will have lighter marks as the therapy increases circulation and eliminates stagnation.


  1. The Benefits of Cupping are Innumerable

Now that we have talked about some general information, let’s come to the benefits. Cupping therapy offers a wide ray of benefits for our overall health and wellbeing.

Here are some top of the line scientifically proven benefits of cupping:

Treats Rheumatic Diseases: Many researches have proved that cupping can cure several rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, lumbago and other joints pain. Cupping enhances muscle elasticity and helps joints sustain impact and improves flexibility.

Extinguishing Weakness within the Body: Body weakness is not only caused by malnutrition and bad diet but is also caused by diseases that don’t get diagnosed. Cupping therapy cures diseases and also open stiffened nerves and releases blood to areas where it is needed the most and improves overall health.

Prevents Liver Diseases:  As Hijama extracts all the stagnant impurities in the blood, the volumetric blood flow automatically increases in the liver allowing liver to its designated activities more productively.

Improves Skin Tone: Cupping draws all sorts of impurities, toxins and inflammation from deeper tissues and facilitates skin healing process and gives it a healthy life. Cupping has innumerable benefits for skin, which is why, skin experts are recommending facial cupping and beauty cupping therapies.

  1. Precautionary Measures

Cupping is a therapy that is one of its kind and if you are interested in a session, its wise to consider some precautionary measures to avoid complications. You can find detailed precautionary measures of cupping by clicking over here.


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