How to Become a Part-Time Actor?

In countries with mature or thriving film industry, it is possible for many people to have an acting career, without quitting their 9 to 5 day job. Being a part-time movie star can be a rewarding experience.  If you have a long time desire of becoming a movie star, you can start to make a preparation. Often, the first thing to do is just to make a complete acting resume that includes a picture of yourself and a homemade short film to portray your acting skill. For many people, having an acting career is much more about financial issues. It’s their dream to show emotions and feeling to the audience. Usually, when actors are able to achieve excellent performance, money will automatically follow. If you live in big cities that have big film industry, such as Los Angeles, Mumbai and London; you should consider becoming part-time actors. The location of your residence could increase the opportunity of getting jobs as part time actors.  Here are things that you should do:

  1. Make good pictures: Make color and black & white photos to show different parts of your body. Contact a local photographer to find ways to show yourself in an appealing way. Often, you need to take dozens of photos, then choose those that best show your physical appeals as actors. This should be an easy thing to do with digital photography, because you can use burst feature during fast-moving actions. Avoid doing digital enhancements of your photos, because filmmakers can immediately differences between your actual physical characteristics and your enhanced photos. Make sure that your photographs represent how you look. You may appear relaxed and comfortable, or realistically tense, depending on different scenes.
  2. Print an acting resume: Acting resume is essential if you want to have a good career as part time actors. Make sure that you include your physical characteristics and previous acting experience, even in school and college. Make sure that your resume is well made to show that you are a highly organized individual. Include your other physical traits, such as your sports performance and different accents that you can do.
  3. Find an agent: In places with good film industry, there should be plenty of agents. You can use the Internet to find them and call prospective agents immediately. Many of these agents are able to direct aspiring actors to find jobs. As an example, you may start your career by taking part in TV commercials, instead of actual films.

Regardless of what happens, you need to persevere and follow up. The film industry can be quite competitive, so you need to be patient. Success can’t be achieved in a matter of days. There are thousands of aspiring actors out there. But, if you can show your genuine desire to act and perform well, you will start to get noticed. You need to be perfectly sure of what you’re doing and be confident about your capability during acting. Be ready to take part in numerous auditions and do your best.

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