Five Documentary Films that Artists Should Watch

For artists, inspirations and ideas can be quite illusive. When their creative well has run dry, it is important for artists to replenish their stockpiles of ideas. Some documentary films can provide a fantastic way of making artists become creative once again. These films should take you on an inspiring journey to rejuvenate your creative mind.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) – Rated PG

It’s a heartfelt biopic about Jiro Ono, a 85-year old sushi master who owns a small restaurant in the basement that becomes a sought after destination among many sushi connoisseurs. Sushi is Ono’s lifelong passion, which transforms into an art form and an endless quest for perfection. It’s much more than just about cheap sushi rolls from your local grocery stores. You will see how Jiro creates a true artwork in every sense. His focus and discipline are inspiring for artists who strive to improve their ideas and enhance their motivation to achieve something better.


Samsara (2011) – Rated PG-13

Samsara is a visual masterpiece that shows the interconnection between cultures and nature across five continents. It combines powerful visual storytelling and breathtaking cinematography. The film grants the audience an access into a visual experience that they never see before. Samsara is a great way to “travel” around the world to take in the sounds, sights and excitement of people from around the world. It is a great way to encourage fresh creativity and broaden your artistic repertoire.


Cave of Forgotten Dreams (2010) – Rated G

It is about a cave museum located in the southern part of France that contains earliest evidences of human artworks. The cave was discovered in 1994 by three locals. Etchings and paintings inside the cave are well preserved and offer an impressive cultural significance. The French government has restricted public access into the cave. Many thousands of years ago, our pre-historic ancestors already had creative minds and made something impressive to show their daily lives. When watching this film, you couldn’t help to wonder who these people were. They could be accomplished artists during their era or just ordinary cave dwellers who just wanted to spruce up their homes. Regardless of who they were, the Cave of Forgotten Dreams is a great way to see the past.

Born into Brothels (2004) – Rated R

Born into brothels in Kolkata, children in this documentary film are victims of the unfortunate conditions. They are destined to inherit the great misfortunes of their parents. Born into Brothels shows us the artistic works of children in the red light district of Kolkata. It’s a humbling and beautiful look at how art can offer a healing power. These children show us how different things can become artistic mediums of choice, which give us with a lasting impression.


The Rape of Europa (2006) – Unrated

The film shows about the heroic efforts of groups and individuals to save precious and rare artworks during the Second World War. The documentary film shows us how people can be so motivated to sacrifice their safety to protect priceless artworks in Europe.

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