21 Current Educations Tramples the Mind


Every day articles are written and lectures are given on education and its problems, there are even social groups determined to point their fingers at the teaching work to excuse educational failure; But the truth be told, as I write this article and you read it, there are children in their classrooms suffering because they do not understand what they are supposed to learn; There are teachers concerned about the next test period and there are people with university degrees without a job. “Teachers are guilty of school failure,” reads in some press releases, however, this accusation only demonstrates ignorance.  There is a difference between education, teaching, and learning. Each has specific actors’ different rules and functions.  Teaching is the implementation of those plans and programs, such work falls directly on the teachers, of course, and they will reproduce the mistakes and horrors of the plans and programs by using them to teach the students. Teachers are the bridge between Education and Society, because their object of work is what society gives them to carry out their work.

Academic agendas focus on reduced time spaces that are also plagued by administrative aspects that teachers must attend.   Teaching comes from social groups and it is here that society enters the picture, because if society creates apathetic children and not want to learn, teachers should work with them, because teachers are the recipients of what   Education and Society offers them. Learning is the process that focuses on the student, especially in the student’s brain. It is a neuro-cognitive and evolutionary process that nourishes not only the education provided by education, but the environment. It is a necessity of species. Erroneously it is said that it is learned in the school, but in fact the brain learns in all the environments in which it is found, this includes the television, the social networks, the art, and even the errors.

It is thus that the problems of education are of the State and of the curricular designers. School failure is one of the curriculum designers, and many of the learning problems are actually teaching mistakes. Psychologists, who need to be taken into account, have desperately sought to x-ray two processes that cannot be seen in a photograph: on the one hand the learning process, believing that they can see it, but that what is not known today can be learned tomorrow and intelligence, which is fixed in a brain that changes and evolves all the time.   In the case of education, the biggest drawback is that it uses it in disconnected tasks, without context. Besides, if the student knows something, nothing happens, and he does not know either. Various studies of error as a source of knowledge remain unknown to curriculum theorists. Therefore, modern educators are still becoming the source of trampling the minds.

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The author is Tina Jones. She has been writing since many years within in the field of education. Her writings reflect her immense experience and exposure in the field of education.

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