Reading and Writing Matter More Than Learning? Is That True?

If you are a student you must have been told by several different people that more than learning and memorizing, you must focus on reading and writing down the information. Is that so? It is something which older people continue to tell younger generations especially the college going generation. Students often fail to understand the concept and more importantly, wisdom behind this piece of advice because obviously they need to remember stuff be able to write it down in the exam paper. However, reading and writing is actually more effective than rote learning.

Reading Enhances Imagination

People who are a book lover and read a lot always have great imagination skills. Reading has a vital power of enhancing imaginative skills. With a great imagination comes with excellent creativity add it is far more important than knowing for concepts that are totally out of your understanding for a short time period like it happens in rote learning. Students forget what they had learned after spilling it on the paper. With reading and understanding, the information stays there forever.

Writing is One of the Basic Forms of Communication

Writing is one of the basic forms of communication all across the world. If you have learned a certain thing and you don’t know how to write, how will you prove that you have the required information? At some point of life, every human being is required to write something important and that is the time when people wish they had focused more on these practical skills instead of rote learning concepts.

Reading Relaxes the Mind

When you are reading something you love, your brain muscles start to relax. Reading is an excellent way to soothe your brain and have a peaceful break from the rushing life and this is exactly what the writers at cheap essay writing service UK do. When your mind is relaxed, it tends to absorb information much faster and effectively as compared to a stressed state. Reading is done in a stress free state whereas learning is done under pressure of memorizing the information; therefore reading helps students to learn information much easily.

Reading Improves Concentration

A good reader has great abilities of concentration. Over the years of reading and focusing at one place makes it easier for them to maintain their concentration in every part of life later on. Additionally, due to increased concentration the information written and read is much easily learned and absorbed. Concentration is very important in both personal and professional life of every individual.

Writing Enhances the Art of Explaining Your Point

One of the most important skills which every individual in the world must possess regardless of their profession, status, culture, and religion is the skill of conveying your point to others. It is the basic necessity of life and if you are not good at explaining your point to others, you will suffer a lot in life. Writing enhances the skill of explaining your point. When you write for years and make it a practice, you gradually learn how to put out your point in a more detailed manner. It is very important and clearly proves the importance of writing in real life.

Reading Enhances Vocabulary

The most obvious and the important benefit of reading is that it enhances vocabulary. When you read hundreds of books you come across millions of words and discover new words along the lines. Furthermore, you can use those new words when writing anything. An enhanced vocabulary is much more impressive than the old concepts learned forcefully through rote learning. When you read the books, you will learn the words with their meanings and will automatically understand the entire process which you can write in your own words in the exam.

Both Enhances Critical Thinking Skills

Reading and writing both are the two main activities that enhance the critical analysis skills in the people. Readers and writers have excellent critical analysis skills which make them a faster learner. They are able to instantly get hold of the concept being taught in the classroom by the teacher. This also reduces the need of rote learning and students can simply learn by attention in the class, or read the textbooks carefully. Moreover, they are able to come up with better and enhanced analysis which instantly makes them the favorite of their teachers.

It is widely said and believed that writing and reading is better than learning. On many levels, this statement is true. Reading and writing have a much longer effect on the people as compared to rote learning. When a concept is learned through rote learning, it is easily forgotten. Whereas on the other hand, anything learned by reading and writing stays for a longer time period in the mind and continue to help the individual.

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