Things You Should Know About Car Detailing

In general, car detailing is about cleaning, polishing and protecting the surface of the car meticulously. When you perform a car detailing task, you need to do it properly, from inside our and from top to bottom. In some cases, car detailing involves body and paintwork repairs. Light cosmetic restorative tasks will need to be included. Before you perform car detailing, it is important to evaluate the overall condition of the car. Your primary goal is to fully restore and enhance the condition of the car. You need to perform the right methods, because wrong procedure could cause various problems, such as swirl marks or even light scratches that could permanently damage the surface of the car. The washing method should be able to remove as much dirt and contaminant as possible.

During a car detailing procedure, you will need to completely soak and foam the car. This will help you loosen the dirt and you can lift if more easily. Car detailing brush should have soft bristles, which can remove grit without causing any damage on the car surface. Make sure that the brush works well on the badges, trim details, plastic grills and window rubbers. You will need brush with rougher bristles to clean areas like wheels, wheel wells, lug nuts, brake callipers and suspension components. Finally, you need to spray the water from top down, so all the dust will be removed completely. Instead of using chamois, you should consider using micro fiber towels that would work better on the car surface. Depending on the condition and the size of your car, it may take up to two hours to just wash the car.

After you complete the washing task, you need to remove any contaminant that is bonded on the surface with special clay lubricant and bar. This is important, because normal washing process alone can’t remove these stubborn substances. Accumulated contaminants could cause problem with end results and your polishing goals won’t be reached. Contaminants could cause oxidation, hazing, swirl marks, light scratches and various surface imperfections. You may need to invest on rotary polishing machine to get better results. The overall polishing process is considered a multi task procedure with different grades of polish. It may take hours to complete the task. If the size of the car is quite large, you may need to spend more time when polishing the car.

After the car is completely polished, you should find any imperfection on the car surface. Make sure that the car surface is completely sealed and protected. You may need to choose pre-wax product to make sure that the wax will bond strongly with the surface of the car. If you want to get long lasting protection, you will need to use synthetic sealants and paste waxes, which is based on natural carnauba. If you want to get optimum durability, you may need to apply multiple layers of sealant and wax. High quality carnauba paste may cost you a few thousand dollars, which is a good investment if you have a luxury car.

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