5 Reasons Why Podcasts Are Becoming So Popular

In the past few years, podcasts have steadily grown in popularity. While this may seem odd, there are clear reasons behind this phenomenon. If you’d like to learn more, here are five reasons why podcasts are becoming so popular.

1. Lots of Information

While documentaries and news articles are bountiful sources of information, podcasts are becoming equally popular with info seekers. This is mainly because of the sheer amount of podcasts available, many from reputable sources. Listeners can learn anything from the latest political news to skateboarding tricks. Also, many podcasts rely on guests to keep listeners coming. This means that a wealth of experts have recorded episodes you can enjoy. For instance, an Ari Betof Podcast episode provides information about financial sustainability and life as a businessperson. While not every podcast is exhaustively researched and fact-checked, many are a great source of pertinent information.

2. Easy Listening

One of the main reasons for the popularity of podcasts is easy listening. When you’re multitasking, you probably don’t want to work in silence. However, playing music may not be engaging enough for you. You may also think that an audiobook is too much of a commitment. In this case, podcasts are a great option. Most podcasts don’t require intense listening. You can tune in and out when needed. Also, podcasts provide interesting info and narratives without relying on visuals. If something is happening that requires sight, it will be described to the listeners.

3. Growing Diversity

Podcasts as a medium are making great strides when it comes to diversity. Part of this is due to a lack of control. Since there are so many podcasts, many of which are made independently, large companies have less control over what gets put out. This opens the door for more diverse groups to create and produce content. Also, podcasts have begun to appeal to less affluent audiences. While this form of media used to be relegated to white, middle-aged listeners, podcasts have become far more mainstream.

4. Real Conversation

One of the best parts of any podcast is the conversation. In filmed media, conversations usually feel manufactured. Even live interviews can seem fake and controlled. Fortunately, podcasts don’t often have this issue. Without the cameras and the more planned format, creators and guests are free to talk normally. A great example of this is Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. On this podcast, Conan has unplanned conversations with celebrity guests. Usually, these celebrities open up and come across as real, breathing people. Although there are certainly still podcasts that rely on a script, many provide refreshingly authentic conversations.

5. Easy Access

Gaining access to entertainment isn’t always easy. Because of this, the easy access podcasts provide is enticing for many. If you have a subscription to an audio site, you should be able to find practically any popular podcast. Podcasts can also be found in a multitude of content formats. Many popular programs, such as Dead Meat and the Mile Higher Podcast, have filmed versions of recent content. This allows viewers that don’t enjoy podcasts to still experience episodes. Usually, these filmed options can be found for free on YouTube.

While podcasts aren’t for everyone, the medium is enjoying substantial growth in popularity. Find some compelling options and enjoy!

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