How to Prepare Yourself Before Repainting the Car

If you are confident and skilled enough, you may repaint your car as a DIY project. This could be an acceptable thing to do if you have an older, used car. Using professional service to repaint your car can be quite expensive and doesn’t justify the current value of your car. Used cars may no longer have blemish-free surface, so repainting the car can improve the general appeal. There are things that you need to prepare before you repaint the car. First of all, you need to clean the surface completely. It is important that the surface is free from any contaminant, such as grease and dirt. It is an important thing to do if you want to have the best results possible. Also, the area where you repaint the car should be dust free and ultra clean.

You can do it in a garage. Clean the ceiling and wall, then mop the floor just before you start repainting the car. It is a good idea to keep the floor slightly damp, so dust can be kept down. You should also make sure that spray guns are completely clean. If the gun is dirty, you will get poor results and your car will look awful. Another step is to make sure that the respirator is working nicely. You should also have good quality catalyst reducer and primer. You also need measuring device, stir sticks and strainers. Reducers work best at different temperature, so make sure that you choose the right one for your projects. In general, reducer for high temperature should work best at around 80 degrees Celsius. Mid temp reducers should work well between 55 to 80 degrees Celsius.

Low temperature reducers should work well under 50 degrees Celsius; however it will dry much slower. Low temp reducers can be your best choice, because it generally works in normal room temperature. This is also a reason why it’s better to repaint your car during the summer, so you can do this in a warmer situation. Before starting your project, you should spend enough time to read all the instructions. As an example, you should know about the ideal mix of catalyst and primer. When you spray the primer, you may need to wait 20 minutes, before you spray the surface again. However, this could still depend on the brand of the primer. You should read the instructions to know what procedure that you need to follow.

If there are deep scratches on the surface of the car, you need to sand the whole surface. This can be a time consuming task. You will need to use power sander and handle it carefully to get a shiny, ultra smooth finish. This phase can be intimidating to an extent that many people are reluctant to repaint their car. However, if you are careful and persistent enough, you should have good results. You should start with small sections of the car surface. You should first aim to remove the outermost layer, It is important to be patient and make sure that your working condition is comfortable.

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