How to Perform Scratch-Free Car Washing Procedure?

If you want to maintain your car, it is important for you to know how to properly wash your car. You need to do it in the right order and the most correct manner. If you wash your car poorly, it is possible that you will damage your car. It will be quite costly if you need to repaint the car, due to improper washing method. As an example, using harsh chemicals may cause problems with the car paint. When washing your car, you should have excellent attention to detail. You shouldn’t miss things and it is actually quite easy for you to overlook things. You should review your current car washing procedure, to ensure that you are doing things correctly. You may add a number of details in the car washing procedure to improve efficiency and the overall results.

Check whether you are using the right equipment and products for washing your car. As an example, pressure washers should work properly and you need to have enough water pressure to speed up the washing process. You will need a couple of buckets. One is used to rinse the car and remove the grit. Another bucket is used for water filled with shampoo. There are many things that you can use to improve the result of your car washing procedure. It is also important to choose the best location for the car washing task. Make sure that the area isn’t too dusty. If there’s no other place available and everything is dusty, you may need to spray enough water to the surrounding area, so you can keep the dust down. If the sunlight is intense, it is better if you can find a shaded area, but still with good air circulation.

When cleaning your car, you should start with wheel wells and the wheels themselves. You can get better results if focus on the dirtiest part of the car. Often, this will take most time to complete. In many cases, you will need to use heavy duty products to remove greasy substances. It could take more time to clean up the wheel and you may need to use separate buckets to keep everything completely clean. If the water is already contaminated with grit and dirt, you can cause damage on the rest of the car surface. You should choose the right foam product that can remove contaminants and dirt easily. Read reviews from users to make sure that these products are actually working. In many cases, you will need to soak the wheels and lower parts of your car, so the dirt and grit can come loose more easily.

When removing dirt and grit, you should do this very carefully, because you can potentially scratch the surface of the car, if you are being too rough with the sponge. Your goal is to remove grits with very short wipes, so you won’t scratch the nearby surfaces. By being extra careful, you won’t cause unsightly blemishes on the surface of the car.

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