Getting Customers Excited About Your Marketing


Your business needs revenue to succeed: if your goods and services aren’t generating money, then you’re not going to stay afloat for long. To grow your revenue, you need consumers to know about your business, so they can become customers, and if you want to boost knowledge of your business, you need marketing!

Marketing is one of the most important tools at your disposal to ensure your business succeeds. It tells customers about what you have on offer, builds anticipation for sales and new products, and perhaps more importantly is the most effective means you must broadcast your brand to consumers who aren’t already loyal customers. Your brand is the identity customers build for your business that lets them relate to it more like a person than a collection of legal agreements and financial instruments. They can feel loyalty to a brand because it’s like feeling loyal to a friend: it reflects and affirms the values they feel are important.

A key part of building a strong brand that inspires lots of customers to shop with you is to get customers excited about your marketing. The most basic adverts are the ones that inform customers about a product or service. More advanced ones broadcast those key brand values and help you build a loyal audience. The best adverts make your customers excited and motivated to seek out more adverts and to shop with, and the best way to do that is with story.

Storytelling marketing makes your customers buy into your brand with character and plot. One of the most successful marketing campaigns with this approach was Nescafe’s Gold Blend Couple, a love story that played out over the course of seven years between 1987 and 1993 and created a cultural phenomenon that is still fondly remembered.

If you want to bring some of the magic of storytelling into your marketing, you do not need a complex production and filmed adverts. Storytelling is the cornerstone of a good content marketing campaign – what’s needed is not vast amounts of money, but time. Whether your copywriters are working in-house or freelance, you need to value them and make sure they have a clear brief that clearly outlines the values your brand is founded on, then trust them to design adverts and marketing materials where those values are relayed with engaging, compelling storytelling. You’ll see the results in increased clicks, conversions, and most importantly, revenue.