Muay Thai Training for Boxing in Thailand is so Effective Sports

You have probably heard about Muay Thai in your local gym and wondered what is it about. Besides taking a class, there are many ways to understand Muay Thai and learn whether it is the kind of sport you would practice. Is it really effective for your goals? Will you achieve significant weight loss by practicing this discipline?

Well, Muay Thai boxing is a sport born in Thailand. It is a discreet country in Asia with an impressive history and beautiful places to visit. But more than that, it has a millenary culture that has become a national pride and a national sport. It is Muay Thai, a martial art discipline that everybody in Thailand has heard about. And now, almost everybody in the world has also become aware of Muay Thai. But, why is that a sport in a relatively small country in Asia has reached worldwide proportions? It is because it has been shown to contribute to a healthy body and mind, improving people’s levels of fitness, and speeding up weight loss.

The way Muay Thai boxing works for weight loss is simple math. If we tell you that in a single session you will be burning around 700 calories, you will notice how amazing this sport really is. This amount of calories are compared to a whole meal in your day, and even more than that. It is a significant amount to produce a negative energy balance that will work on your favor if you want to achieve the body of your dreams.

But Muay Thai does a lot more than that. It has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in your body. Insulin is a substance that is secreted in your pancreas, and allows muscle cells to absorb sugars from the blood. By increasing the sensitivity to this hormone, people who practice Muay Thai will have lower sugar levels in their blood, and they are less likely to transform into stored fat when they get to the fatty tissue.

Thus, Muay Thai allows people to lose weight through multiple pathways at the same time, and the results are the same: an aesthetic body, better metabolic health, a lower cardiovascular risk, and a significant reduction of type 2 diabetes risk.

Learning Muay Thai in your local gym might be a good idea, but it will be nothing compared to absorbing the principles of this discipline in its home country. Luckily enough, Thailand is not closed to teach Muay Thai to foreigners. There are many training camps such as Suwit Muay Thai dispersed all over the country that will help you find your way through this fantastic discipline and enjoy while learning something new and achieving your weight loss goals.

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