How to Survive in a Federal Prison?

For first time inmates, serving time in federal prisons can cause an immense mental strain. Being locked for years in a small cell is a huge change in daily lifestyle. You can reduce mental strains by being active physically and psychologically. You need to remain calm at all times. During first few weeks, you may feel anxious about the situation. In this case, you should practice 15-minute of deep breathing session. You can pass the time by doing lunges, sit ups, squats and push ups. You can stay mentally active by subscribing to newspaper and magazines. Inmates are allowed to have some soft cover books.

A fresh newspaper can keep your mind occupied for a couple of hours. A good book should take your mind outside the cell. In high security cells, guards or inmate orderlies will shove a tray food through the door slot, three times a day. Each day, you are allowed to have one hour of recreation. For your sanity, you should take the opportunity to do the recreation session. Maximum security inmates will be handcuffed during the recreation session and you need to be polite at all times. When you are at the field, it’s the opportunity for you to become more active. As an example, you could light jogging and do it until you are gasp. Rest for a while until your breathing pattern return to normal, then jog again. You should be able to repeat it four or five times, during the one-hour recreation period. Because you already sit and lie down for many hours in the cell, it is the time to exert yourself physically.

One of the biggest concerns is whether you can interact well with other inmates. In this situation, you shouldn’t be too anxious in making friends. As you start to interact with an inmate or two, you shouldn’t ask too many questions. Most of the time, simple questions like “what’s up?” should suffice. If other inmates are interesting in communicating with you further, they surely will talk. Even if they reply more, you should say less in response. You don’t know why these people are imprisoned. While speaking to them, you should remain neutral, calm and polite. Use your common sense in determining what kind of mannerism that you should have.

While you are in prison, you should know that your convenience and comfort mean very little to the guard. In fact, federal prisons are not meant to be a comfortable place for anyone. Your best bet is to avoid the prison altogether, but unexpected things may happen in your lives. When you are apprehended and kept in jail, this should be considered as a transition before you are transferred to federal prison, after you are convicted in the courtroom. In prison, you need to do the best you can to behave. If you are able to do everything correctly, it will be easier for you to get a parole. It’s the transition for you to get back to the society.

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