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What News Sites Do Conservatives Use? Top 15 Conservative News Sites

News is a source of information for people who want to stay informed on current affairs to social issues. The news outlets, magazines, and web pages give us the whole vibe for accepting reality and the natural flow of things.

Most of the new sites consider publishing conservative news for the public because it has the most unbiasedness and potential to grab people’s interests or a larger extent. Such news sites have now been popularly known as the best conservative websites.

There several news sites that give us only conservative news which is based on traditions, cultural values, and political news. We can see so many conservatives news on the internet, but it is challenging to find the best conservative websites.

Most of the publications and reporters only work for more high TRP’s, more pay per click, and increased views. Even though the real purpose should be providing authentic news.

However, it is always not the case, instead, some publications and reporters inform everyone on essential issues from a conservative standpoint. There are so many sites on the internet that publish the conservative news on routine but some of them telecast the fake news as well to get maximum visitors.

If you’re looking for factual and conservative news, look no further than the sources mentioned below. We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best conservative websites where you can find reliable information.

  1. The federalist
  2. The Breitbart
  3. Liberty nation
  4. The gateway pundit
  5. Judicial watch
  6. The epoch time
  7. Townhall
  8. PJ Media
  9. American Thinker
  10. The daily caller
  11. One America New Network
  12. New York Post
  13. Media Research Center
  14. Just The News
  15. The American Spectator

1. The Federalist

The Federalist is the headquarter of conservative thinking with outstanding authors and reporters. They are on the third number from the last five years and now on number one in 2021. The Federalist’s website is a haven for scope, extent, and inquiry rather than breaking news. This website is authentic and trustable if you’re considering fair and logical counter-arguments to the radical worldview.

2. Breitbart

Breitbart is the live source for comprehensive cultural and political analysis. They own an impetuous style and out-of-the-box conservative and libertarian thinking and have gained a well-deserved reputation. They are the embodiment of face-to-face conservative commentary.

3. Liberty Nation

Liberty Nation is one of the best conservation websites and covers all global affairs. The liberty nation was on the top list in 2020. From articles to podcasts, they have a chamber of radio shows, high-quality video interviews, and nationally cover many reporters. By employing a captivating, fun, and insightful prose writing style. Liberty Nation provides unique conservative and libertarian articles that are not accessible anywhere else.

4. The Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit, which has risen four positions from last year. It owns a reputation for providing fresh perspectives on aged fake news and uncovering affairs that are difficult to publish because of biasness. It is an authentic and reliable platform for unbiased and conservative news for the future.

5. Judicial Watch

The judicial watch is the top-rated website. It is in the top five because of its enthusiastic discovery of state wrongdoings. They do not have many viewers, but their way of scriptwriting is exceptional, and their readers always value pure and unbiased content. That’s why they are the perfect example of the best conservative website; they believe in quality and do trustworthy work.

6. The Epoch Times

The Epoch times are the newly added in the highest-ranked list because they always give the updated news, opinions of politicians, analysis, the complete package of ongoing affairs, and the high-class shows with so much potential in an embryonic way. Trust on their website whenever it comes to international news; it’s very insightful and well-designed.

7. Townhall

Townhall is an ancient website, like an old is gold for its follower. This website is the all-time favorite of conservatives from an early age. Townhall covers a diverse range of material from well-known complementary personalities and is also widely regarded as a must-read for conservative news addicts looking for dependable coverage of significant issues.

8. PJ Media

PJ Media has increased its place on the scoreboard by two areas. It’s not only a conservative news website. They also entertain casually rather than the other sites that only focus on political and cultural news. They telecast the delves shows because they have faith in parenting and brotherhood. This website isn’t afraid to go for the left, which it does in fun and sometimes in a humorous way.

9. American Thinker

The American thinker holds a victory of quantity over quality, examining a core of American politics under the layer and publicity. Their reports and authors work with detailed research into immersive global defense, politics, fiscal growth, and other subjects and publish all the authentic details on site.

10. The Daily Caller

It draws on the Daily Caller News Foundation’s work to provide in-depth analysis of major political events that are rarely reported – if any at all – throughout the mainstream press.

11. One America News Network

The One America News Network is on the top list for the first time. This news station has already been popular among conservatives, including prior President Trump. However, its development in the last year has been short of remarkable, with thoughtful television shows and a corresponding news website.

12. New York Post

The New York post has their newspaper also; they consistently publish conservative news and political affairs on their sites. Most of its viewers have their firms. All information is concept-based, and the content of writing includes opinions, fashion, entertainment, sports, and real estate.

13. Media Research Center

The Media Research Center’s website provides expert reporting and analysis of how the mainstream media identifies and reacts to the day’s significant incidents. After 30 years of performing a critical and historically unfulfilled position in conservative circles – recording bottom-biased media – MRC has deservedly grown into a powerhouse.

14. Just the News

The news is one of the award-winning investigative journalists named John Solomon. It falls with such a heavy sigh. They publish great news, decent coverage, a rapidly expanding media footprint, all housed in a clean, convenient, and all-time available website.

15. The American Spectator

The American Spectator website is user-friendly and provides easy access to new readers. The American Spectator, a longtime pioneer in conservative politics, publishes unique, assumed, flat, and sometimes satire material.

Final Words

In the end, all of the above sites are the best conservative websites. They all publish and telecast genuine and authentic news. Their viewers are not only conservative. They also have some of the little viewers who have liberal views. Whenever it relates to the general public, news outlets that do not cut corners on content have always done an outstanding job.

The conservative news largely depends on politics and traditions. Attentiveness in the media is nothing new for them when it comes to impartial news sources. When elections take place, these websites are very concerned with the outcome.

The conservative sites make their name and fame after a lot of effort. Conservative news is always included in bias or unbiased information with the public. Still, all of the above websites are continuously publishing accurate and authentic news regarding any events, sensational moments of politics, entertainment, deep analysis on democracy, and post the talk shows of current affairs.

The Bizarre ways People Use to Legally Hide Their Money from Lawsuits

Building assets takes an immense amount of your efforts, experience, and time, but a simple lawsuit can make your hard-earned assets prone to risk. If you have had an experience of being sued before, then it is more important for you to know how to legally hide your money from lawsuits. In every state, specific laws prohibit last-minute operations and fraudulent transfers to hide or shield assets from lawsuits and creditors to whom one can be liable for compensation. Although, implementing and creating a plan of asset protection early can assist you in securing your assets from any lawsuits in the future.

Following are the top 4 bizarre ways if you want to know how to legally hide your money from lawsuits:

Transfer money to some other person

If you are transferring your money to any family member, then it is important to check federal and state tax law as you might owe state and federal gift tax while transferring. Specific laws are implied by each state that permits the person filing a lawsuit against you, to seize those assets that you have transferred. So, it is always a wise choice to select a state with lenient laws.

You might also need some written contract while legally transferring your money to someone else, although it depends on the type of asset or property that you have transferred. If you transfer a vehicle’s title or real property, you must record the documents of transfer with an appropriate state department or government agency.

 Use pre-existent legal protections

If you are on the quest of knowing how to legally hide your money from lawsuits then you should know that there are different laws in each state that keep plaintiffs or creditors from imposing a court judgment against particular kinds of assets. So, always research the laws of your state to discover what kind of assets are secure and what are not. Secondly, your money saved in cash form is transferred to a protected account. This way, you can at least secure a cash portion by placing it in a retirement account or IRA, which is secure from lawsuits under state or federal law.
You can also use homestead exemption to secure your home. Many states forbid plaintiffs or creditors from seizing your home. For your additional property, that isn’t secured by homestead exemptions, can be protected by taking a loan and securing its profits in a secure account.

Purchase umbrella liability insurances

First, you need to determine if you require umbrella liability insurance or not. It can prove to be a good option for legally hiding your money from lawsuits if you are more prone to lawsuits or your assets are in substantial amounts. Under this step, you also have to review other purchased insurance policies as the majority of such companies demand you to at least comprise $30,000 in the homeowner insurance and $250,000 in the auto insurance before you can buy an umbrella liability insurance.
People also search for insurance discounts as well. You might be able to get one by buying your insurance policy from the company that also provided you homeowner insurance. Another substantial step in this regard is understanding the coverage limitations of your policy. After purchasing one, you must carefully read the coverage statement to comprehend which assets it covers.

 Create a binding living trust

If you are thinking of putting your assets in an irrevocable living trust, then hiring an attorney will be a good decision. Choose such a lawyer that has federal and state law experience and can help you make sure that your money is secure. Also make research about offshore jurisdictions, in some scenarios it might be possible to better secure your money by transferring it to an overseas bank account. Look for forms and select a trustee who can manage your money present in your created trust.

After choosing a trustee, draft documents for defining your trust’s parameters and describing what assets will be held in the trust. Although an attorney is not necessary for creating a simple living trust, only an experienced and skilled attorney can draft irrevocable trusts, as they comprise complete knowledge about the state laws.

The last step is signing trust documents. Signing the trust documents mostly takes place when a public lawyer is present. After signing, make multiple copies and distribute or file them where necessary, while keeping the original documents safe with yourself.

9 India Travel Tips For Women In 2021

There is no wonder that India is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It is home to some amazing architectural marvels. These include the Taj Mahal and Delhi Fort among other wonders. India is a country rich in culture. It is also one of the most diverse regions in the world.

But while India is an amazing place to travel, it can also be dangerous for some. Women are often on the receiving end of assault by Indian men. So, if you’re a woman and you wish to travel to India any time soon, here is a checklist that will help you stay safe during your journey.

1. Be confident

When you’re in India, your personality and your demeanor carry a lot of weight. You are unlikely to receive any unwanted attention if you carry yourself with confidence. If in case you feel that someone is harassing you, be sure to shout “Jaao” or “Hato” (which translates to go away in Hindi) to their face.

2. Be wary of strangers

It is important to trust your gut on this one. But we advise you to stay clear of all strangers, even those who appear to be harmless. When in doubt, just try to remember what happened to the Swiss couple back in 2017 when they were assaulted by underage boys.

3. Don’t go out alone at night

India’s nightlife is pretty exciting. However, things can turn ugly if you’re out alone at night. Always make sure that you have a companion, or two, whenever you head out at night.

4. Try to memorize all the emergency numbers

You never know when you find yourself in the wrong kind of situation. When you do, calling the right emergency number might be very helpful. So, make sure to memorize, or at least note down, the police and medical emergency numbers when you are in India.

5. Use a VPN

You are very likely to encounter cyber attacks when you are in India. The country is known for a large number of hackers and cybercriminals that reside in it. This is why it is important to secure yourself with a VPN before you connect to any public Wi-Fi networks.

If you’ve never used a VPN before, then follow this guide to learn how to use a VPN.

6. Dress modestly

The best way to avoid unnecessary attention is to dress modestly while you are in India. This will also help you blend more easily with the Indian culture and the local population.

7. Keep a power bank with you

You might run out of batteries at the wrong time. Your smartphone can be really helpful when you’re traveling, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar place and you need the help of Google Maps. Before your phone turns off, make sure to charge it up with a power bank.

8. Be wary of men

The Indian culture is different compared to Western society. Over here, if you get over-friendly with men, they might perceive that as a come-on. Try to interact with women more than men. And when you do, make sure that the conversation is brief.

9. Use women’s compartments

Indian trains usually have separate women’s compartments. If you want to travel with comfort, then using these compartments would be conveniently helpful.

Author Bio:

Yasir Shamim is an up and coming Digital Marketer currently working as an Executive at with the aim of increasing their search engine visibility. Digital Marketer by day and Tech Fanatic by night, he enjoys reading up about cybersecurity and technology in general and also loves to share his opinions.

Acid Reflux  | Quick Remedies & Medication

Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) muscle situated at the entrance to your stomach remains open long enough for the stomach acid to reach your esophagus. Frequent occurrences of acid can result in gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

When it comes to GERD, it’s not rare. In fact, it is among the most common gastrointestinal disorders. A study by El-Serag et al showed that in the US, GERD affects between 18.1% and 27.8% of the citizens.

Luckily, there are many ways for one to stop/treat acid reflux. Before discussing the best thing for acid reflux, let’s find out its symptoms.

The most evident symptoms of acid reflux are heartburn (a burning feeling that may initiate in your stomach and move on to the chest section or in some cases, the throat) and regurgitation i.e. an acidic taste receding up your throat.

It is very important to stay up-to-date on critical health diseases and to be aware of precautionary measures against them nowadays. Some additional symptoms of acid reflux that you should look out for are dysphagia, nausea, hoarseness, burping, and in some cases, bloody vomiting.

Easy Remedies for Acid Reflux

Once you start experiencing symptoms of acid reflux, it’s time you consult a doctor and find out the proper medication that could help you get rid of the problem. An effective medication, in this case, is Prokinetics (Reglan, Urecholine) as it is known for aiding in boosting the strength of the LES, in addition to emptying your stomach rapidly, thus easing acid reflux.

However, if you are not a big fan of getting medication, worry not because there are many easy home remedies for you to get rid of acid reflux. Let’s list down and discuss a few effective ones here!

#1 Eat a bit less, sit a bit longer

The LES muscle opens in order to allow the food to enter the stomach. It’s when the LES remains open for longer than usual that the acid in the stomach starts backing up the esophagus, resulting in the occurrence of acid reflux. Thus, chewing or swallowing a lot of food at the same time may result in the ELS staying open for longer than usual.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you eat small meals at a time. Moreover, try not to lie down immediately after having a meal as it could result in heartburn. Sit for a while before you change your position.

#2 Meditate

One of the most effective remedies for GERD relief is indulging in exercises that can relax your body and mind. Doing yoga and taking deep breaths can do wonders in this regard.

#3 Strive for attaining a healthy weight

When someone asks you what is the best thing for acid reflux, advising them to lose weight might seem strange at first but it makes complete sense. Because even though many people experience heartburn regardless of their weight, GERD mostly occurs when a person is overweight.

#4 Chew gum

Literally, the easiest and most enjoyable remedy for acid reflux is to chew gum. A study revealed that chewing gum (preferably free of sugar – avoid peppermint gum) after a meal could considerably bring down the acid levels in the esophagus.

#5 Wear Loose Clothes

Wearing tight clothes can trigger heartburn since such type of clothing can result in more pressure being put on the digestive system. So, opt for wearing loose clothes especially when you are about to go to a party or a festival where you will be enjoying delicious meals.

How to Choose the Correct Type of Fishing Waders


If you are a crazy adventure-loving person and you are experimenting your hands-on fishing once you have worked on a fly rod setup the next thing that must be making up to your list should be a decent pair of best fishing waders. This one decision will surely determine the success of your upcoming fishing trip.

Since you must know the functionality of fishing waders, as they are specifically designed clothes to keep you dry while you are going in the water. The best fishing waders can help you identify the difference between being productive at fishing or spending your day with boots full of mud and a lot of awaited hassle.

Fishing is a very soothing and thrilling activity if you done it right. You must be well prepared with all your necessary gadgets in order to avoid any haphazard miss-out. Make a list and follow the pointer in accordance with the essentiality of items.

Be careful and conscious while choosing the best fishing waders:

There is a large number of varieties out there in the market to cater the anglers need and to make every other person feel special. Every specific wader has its own advantage and disadvantage. Make sure you know the details of the best fishing waders: you are going to invest your money and most importantly, to make sure it is the perfect fit for you. Depending upon your activity plan you must pick the best fishing waders: that suits you the most.

The most common type of waders that you will come across in the market out there are hip waders, waist waders, and wading pants. If you actually love fishing then you must experience the productive outcomes you can achieve with the help of fishing waders. Doesn’t matter what your pick of the day is what really matter is to stay dry, comfortable and feel relax at the end of the day. If your selected wader is able to deliver you these goals, you are all set to enjoy your fishing experience.

Versatility of your Wader is important:

The premium quality waders need to be versatile for usage in a variety of settings. Since the functionality of Breathable chest waders provides your comfort in a good range of temperature and wading conditions whereas neoprene fishing waders are designed to provide you greater warmth at a comparatively cheaper rate.

Reliability of your wader:

A good reliable feeling of your Wader is also very important and crucial for you. Fishing wader that keep you comfortable and protects you against the leaky fishing waders are the total worthy enough of your every single penny. If you have to spend a little more on these premium quality waders you must spend without even thinking. Types of fish waders you must explore taking a final call:

Hip Waders

These are usually the least expensive and the ultimate convenient options you can have in a few bucks. These waders are the ultimate dream of the fisherman who have to stay in sallow water and can’t resist themselves sharing the convenience of attached boots and waders.
So generally, these are the waterproof pair of wading boots the upper section covers up to the hip fastening with the belt.

Waist High Waders

The composition of waist high waders is like a pair of waterproof pants the only difference from the chest wader is that doesn’t each the waist. The biggest advantage is these are so easy to carry and you can easily put on and put them off. This also helps you to stay cooler on hot, sunny days
This is the most recommended wader specially for the anglers who plan to fish in hot summer or a hotter climate region area.
As per the public preference, these are the most convenient and most preferred waders in the public. These are called the most common waders. Chest high are regarded as most versatile and premium all around the choice if money is not a big concern for you and all you look out id for a premium quality Wader that can go on, in the long run, providing you quality experience and convenience. Since these can be easily used for shallow wading and even in warm weather.

Important Features you must Consider When Buying Wading Suits.

i, The Material of your wading suit:

The material composition of the wading suit must be from at least breathable material that it doesn’t suffocate you. Which is why it is always recommended to look out for the suits that are made from polyester, dry-plus or other synthetic materials.
This is so important to consider since it helps your skin to breathe and allow your perspiration to escape. So basically, it will be allowing you to sweat and exit it while in the same time locking the water entrance.

ii, Weight of your wading suit:

Please don’t forget to pay attention to the detailing of the wading suit you must check the weight of wader as well. This is necessary because it will eliminate the possibility of feeling tired in the middle of work due to the weight.
Make sure you make the most out of your fishing experience and you follow some of the essential guidelines we have shared with you if you aim to have a fishing experience without and hassle.

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